Howard Gindoff

Los Angeles, California, United States


Always telling stories, writing and sometimes performing comedy material.  Have worked in film and television for over thirty years on both coasts.  Love this hard business and its stories.  Most recent full time work has been the most fulfilling; being a husband and father, raising a daughter, but next I intend to complete a documentary I shot 15 years ago, telling the story of a pioneering transgender married couple in their very unique ways meeting the challenges of raising their own biological daughter years before "legal" Gay marriage was even imagined.  Mona and Boe are amazing people, incredibly peculiar, part freakshow, part totally mundane married couple.  Inspirational survivors, their story to this day is totally one of a kind.  The camera loves them.  They are incredibly forthcoming.  What they do, say and show really will make you laugh and cry.   I need every kind of help imaginable to complete this project, but the finished film will be so worth it.  I've come to the D-Word in search of a community and support. Please reach out to me, if you find this project in any way of interest.  That's who I am now.