Jimmy Ferguson

Brooklyn, New York, United States


JWJ FERGUSON CINEMATOGRAPHER/DIRECTOR JWJ has lensed over 50 films and has travelled to over 50 countries; he doesn’t speak 50 languages, but he wishes he did. He speaks Spanish and French and sometimes English and other things. It is this, he believes, that has caused his confusion of identity. His name is Irish or Scottish but sometimes he thinks he’s Cuban or Colombian or even Mexican, but really he’s Belgian and, at times, American. He believes that he is, and that all things are, in a state of constant change. He wants to believe himself, but knows he can’t. This is a contradiction. He makes movies about this. JWJ has won awards for his cinematography and his narrative films. He didn’t know he wanted awards until he received them. He was granted the title of “Louisiana Filmmaker Of The Year” in 2008. His movies have played in festivals around the world, and now he wants to win more awards and to play in more festivals in more worlds. JWJ has been asked to teach and judge the work of others, and yet he doesn’t believe in his own capacity for judging. This, however, has not stopped him from teaching film courses, awarding grants for the Louisiana Endowment of the Humanities, and jurying multiple film festivals. He has yet to understand how to eradicate ego and righteousness, so, instead, he makes movies. He believes that the Arts connect us by a common experience of humanness, and that we are too individually disconnected, and that there is no ‘I’ in team. He believes that one should never use clichés. He wants to believe himself, but knows he can’t. Go team. PERSONAL LIFE JWJ likes now what he didn’t like before. He likes dance and yoga but might not like them later. Before, he liked film. Now he likes the idea of film, but not the films themselves; or maybe he doesn’t like what films are and have to be, if anything has to be anything. He studied philosophy and found that he liked philosophy but not the philosophers. He lived in New Orleans and learned from Katrina that hard work can rebuild anything. Then, after three house fires in three months, he learned that it’s best to just dance. Now he lives in Brooklyn and dances. And sometimes he makes movies… watch them.