Ernesto Ardito


Public bio

Ernesto was born in 1972 and Virna in 1975, both in Buenos Aires. Ernesto studied Social Communication at the Buenos Aires University and Filmmaking at the Avellaneda School of Art and Film. In this school he met Virna Molina, who was also studying filmmaking. They fell in love, they had a daughter, and they married in 1996. At the same time, they graduated as filmmakers. At the beginning of 1998, after the birth of their second daughter, they started to work on their Opera Prima, the documentary feature Raymundo. This film narrates Raymundo Gleyzer’s life, the Argentinean filmmaker kidnapped and murdered by the military dictatorship in 1976. They worked during four years on the research, recovery of archives an editing of the film, getting the support of Jan Vrijman Fund (Netherlands), Fondation Altercine (Canada), and National Endowment of the Arts (Argentine). The film was also sponsored by the National Institute of Film and Audio-Visual Arts (INCAA) and the Union of the Argentine Cinematographic Industry (SICA) Raymundo was finished in November 2002. The film had a great international impact. It was selected officially in more than 45 film festivals world-wide and won 16 international prizes, being the most awarded Argentinean film in 2003. The duo Molina-Ardito has worked on each detail of Raymundo in an artisanal way. They finished now their second film: The Heart of the Factory (2008) The previous website is: The spanish blog about documentary of Ernesto Ardito is