Jeff Johnson


Public bio

Hello filmmakers! I am just getting into this sport! Currently I'm attending the University of Washington - Seattle, and will be graduating upon completion of my study abroad in Perú this summer. For this program an original piece of art touching on the intersection of arts & politics is required and I will be attempting the first short documentary film in the program's history. Aside from a few short video projects with minimal editing, this will be my first real project! When I get into things I usually dive in head first, so in addition to the Perú project, which will be finished by August 12th (I hope ;), I have organized another project, which I'm working on getting sponsored by the Common Language Project (a Seattle non-profit that supports filmmakers and journalists of all types) that involves me heading straight to Cairo to produce a film touching on life in pre and post revolution Egypt. I've made some connections there and hope to interview members of the April 6th Movement, which was the group that had planted the seeds of revolution, however, the specific angle of the film could go any number of directions which I believe to be the beauty of this endeavor. I am a highly energetic and motivated individual who has been heavily impacted by documentary films over the past ten years. Although I am only considering this a hobby presently, I hope one day to give back to the documentary filmmaking community by producing quality films, which might one day positively affect others as it has for me. I am excited to be in the presence of like-minded documentary enthusiasts and professionals and welcome any and all correspondence! I hope to hear from you! Education University of Washington, Seattle - B.A. Communications and Political Science (Emphasis on S. American and Middle-Eastern politics) Full Sail, Orlando, FL - A.A. Recording Engineering