Yannesh Meijman

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Film Projects


Amsterdam based film production company, founded by Yannesh Meijman. I focus on fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between. Though a one-man project for now, I love to collaborate and learn from all disciplines in my work. Be it the arts, sciences, and social sciences. I studied Sociology at the Amsterdam University College, graduating in 2016.  I am a self-taught filmmaker. My filmschool consists out of Youtube tutorials, friends and family, and practicing with my camera.

My first short film, Radio Voorwaarts, released in June 2018. Radio Voorwaarts is a short fiction film that takes place on the eve of the eviction of an alternative community, home to a pirate radio station. We encounter a multiplicity of characters – squatters, artists, idealists and ravers – who gather one last time to simultaneously mourn and celebrate the end of their beloved space.



Filmtheater Kriterion, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam Dance Event: PUNT 111, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jeffrey's Underground Cinemas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

14th La Plata International Film Festival – Festifreak, Buenos Aires, Argentina
27th Euroshorts International Film Festival, Gdansk, Poland
8th Eindhoven Film Festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
24th Leuven International Short Film Festival, Leuven, Belgium
16th Bogota Short Film Festival, Colombia
13th Magma: Mostra di Cinema Breve, Sicily, Italy