Julie Tyler

Los Angeles, California, United States


Having been raised in Idaho, groomed in New York City and reborn in Los Angeles, has proven to be fertile soil. Actress and currently Producer on her first documentary, Julie Tyler began her performance career in the West Village where she was stricken with hunger for the theatre. In 1995, Julie ditched the corporate world and enrolled in the Marjorie Ballentine Acting Studio where she studied the Stella Adler technique. Julie spent two glorious years immersed in a curriculum that would make any “student of life” jazzed and about which she says of the studio, "It was there, where I discovered it was okay to be me." Classes approached the body as an “instrument,” combining breath, voice, yoga, Alexander Technique, Shakespeare, dance, sound, imagination technique, script interpretation, classical reading, observation, improvisation, sketch development, and many other performance study devices. Early on, a partnership was forged. Choosing to remain at the Studio after completing the existing two-year curriculum seemed a logical step for Tyler. The Studio, whose reputation had now jumped the pond to England as a result of Ms. Ballentine’s expertise and devotion, had expanded with some assistance by Tyler’s uncle, a producer, to offer a master level curriculum being taught by British professors. "I was definitely on the receiving end of that merger," jokes Tyler. Upon completion at the Studio, her first role was with the Brave New Theatre Company in “The Problem” as a pregnant suburban housewife. A production of "Lou Gehrig Did Not Die of Cancer” followed with Tyler in the starring role. A committed thespian, Tyler played Shakespeare’s Lady Anne, Portia and Joan of Arc in a NYC ally, enjoying the direction of James Jennings of the American Theatre of Actors. Julie was a member of the theatre group Terrapin Troupe run by Producer John Cooper. There she explored her activist nature as an attorney in “De Donde,” a play written by Mary Gallagher about the real-life case of Alirio Perez, an immigrant fighting for political asylum in the United States. She also played Phoenix, a girl obsessed with forwarding chain email messages in the original play, “Counting Change.” Julie appeared in a hand full of graduate school film projects and what would any career be without some extra work in feature films such as “Money Train,” with Woody Harrelson and Keifer Sutherland and in “Music of the Heart” starring Meryl Streep, both filmed in the Big Apple? Julie considers having worked on HBO’s “Sex And The City” a highlight of her NYC days. Finally, right after a directing stint of “Ah Wilderness” by Eugene O’neill, Tyler chose to skip town and headed for LA. What had originally been planned as a 4-month excursion to investigate “pilot season,” as it is known in the industry, metamorphosed in to a “real-life adjustment,” explains Tyler. “I was ready for some fresh energy and new doors to open!” Never one to waste time, Tyler seized the opportunity to perform in the Marcy Kaplan Showcase. She quickly found a place where she could hang her hat and improve her craft, studying with Writer/Director Adam Marcus. Representation came knocking in the form of Candy Entertainment, run by Denise Fisher and Josh Cherr. In 2005 while in the throes of performing with her improvisation ensemble “Returning The Whores,” which was birthed by the well-known Bang Studio, serendipity struck. Tyler received her SAG card working as a clerk on the wildly successful show “The Practice.” A chance encounter while hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains helped Tyler advance her small-screen career even further when she was cast in the “Drew Carey Show.” As a proud member of the Little Bird Theater Company, she appeared on stage in the original play The Passage as “Jane” and again collaborated with the amazing Marjorie Ballentine as “Lily” in George F. Walker’s End of Civilization. She appeared on stage with the Hollywood Fight Club in the play Edmond, by David Mamet and enjoyed being miscast in Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All to You, by Christopher Durang. More recently, Julie was cast in the original short film, “Sound of Silence,” by Andrea Bacci and as Lizzie in “I of the Beholder by Dep Kirkland.” One of her favorite early LA memories is as a Production Coordinator on the independent television pilot “Heartbroken,” written, directed and produced by the very talented, long-time character actor David Landsberg who has “squeezed Charmin with Mr. Whipple” and was Executive Producer of “The Cosby Show.” Julie has always found it valuable to expand her professional horizons as much as possible in order to nurture her acting and producing endeavors. (Either that, or she just needed a day job!) She has earned a living as a spokes model and product specialist since 1995, where she began in NYC as a showroom model for a women’s designer label. Her fashion clients sent her all over the country training sales associates at high-end retailers like Saks, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. After working for Jean Marc for 5 years, Julie was recruited by Nadree Company to continue in this role. After relocating to Los Angeles, she was quickly sought out to work for an internet marketing company, giving power point presentations around southern California to real estate agents with Prudential, Remax, and Century 21, etc. This lead to a position as Spokes Model and Sales Rep with the company Jimmyjane, with whom she collaborated for two years. Julie was an on-camera spokes person and called on high-end retailers such as Wynn Hotel, Fred Segal, Tracy Ross, and Henri Bendel. Due to her proclivity for marketing and sales, she netted them high-end hotel accounts like the Ivy, Bellagio and Mirage among others. Tyler quickly learned the multi-tasking skills befitting a producer, auditioning and working as a Concierge for the world-renowned Beverly Hills Hotel Spa and as an Internet Sales Rep helping lawyers with online marketing capabilities, all the while trying to manifest her theatrical passions by auditioning and acting as much as possible. “I somehow never seem to catch the tv episodes I’m in,” says Tyler of her early experiences on shows like “VIP” and “The Parkers.” In 2006 Julie began working as a spokes model and product specialist on the Toyota account, traveling around the country to auto shows. She was repped by Productions Plus-The Talent Shop as a vehicle specialist, narrator, “Kaisenette” singer, and lead gen associate. During her six seasons on the Toyota team, she consistently ranked as one of the top Lead Generators and was promoted to Lead Gen Supervisor, Ride and Drive Supervisor, Team Captain and finally, Presenter at the Toyota 2011 World Convention in Las Vegas. Her path to obtaining health and wellness as an adult also began in the early ‘90s when she began studying yoga under Valerie Striar who came from a classical ballet background. She feels blessed to have been mentored by Ilan Reichel, who at the time was the head movement teacher at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and also with Mona Stiles, an instructor at the Alexander Institute in New York City. After studying at the conservatory, Julie moved on to explore classes at the world renowned Sivananda Center, the ubiquitous YMCA and Jiva Mukti studio, and continued with her own home practice. In 1998, when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting she found the Sivananda Center in Venice, Brian Kess in Santa Monica and Steve Ross in Brentwood. After battling skin rashes and digestive issues in college, she was also ready for a long-term holistic approach to deal with health symptoms that were outwardly conspicuous and emotionally debilitating. Julie embarked on Dr. David Katz’s system for repairing her digestive tract and immune system, ultimately changing the pH environment of her liver. In the years leading up to her treatment with Dr. Katz, Julie had already learned a lot about nutrition, herbal supplements, and the negative effects of imbalanced chi. However, no one seemed to be able to offer her a practical and effective method for ridding her, once and for all, of her particular symptoms. Collaborating with Dr. David Katz, Julie committed to a program for healing herself by equipping her body with the necessary tools to remain healthy, rather than quick-fix methods fizzled after time and never addressed the root problem. This approach, along with continued exercise and a sensible diet, has entitled her loads of energy, clear skin, healthy digestion, a vibrant metabolism, regular elimination, and a stronger immune system. No more antibiotics! In 2002, Julie decided to deepen her yoga practice by taking a teacher’s training program with Beth Shaw’s Yogfit organization and completed levels I and II before teaching yoga at the YMCA in Santa Monica. Since then, Julie has continued to study with various teachers around Los Angeles, while maintaining a strong home practice as a way to maintain physical and psychological health. In the fall of 2008, she completed the YogaWorks 50hr Teacher’s Training Program. Julie is a firm believer that yoga doesn’t have to been limited to the yoga studio setting. She is known for doing yoga at the baggage claim, laundry mat and subway and hopes to encourage others to feel free to integrate yoga as they see fit. Ever since reading Deepak Chopra's, "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind," Julie has been intrigued by and taken advantage of eastern thought and medicine. She has employed Ayurvedic principles, has been a practitioner of yoga for 15 years, received acupuncture for a variety of ailments, benefited from Chinese herbs and medical advice, studied and experimented with a variety of dietary supplements and used exercise, massage and meditation to improve health immensely. She is particularly intrigued by the following words: Centrifugal, positive, negative, illusion, infinity, consciousness, spirit, destiny, centripetal, lightness, darkness, choice, empowerment, blame, bliss, intuition, microcosm, fear, psychic, cell, muscle memory, love, atom, heaven, density, macrocosm, time, space, reincarnation, energy, path, spine, enlightenment, external, senses, change, money, desire, transcendental, breath, blockage, balance, center, chakra, toxin, universe, duality among others. She has learned through acting the importance of the power of intention, making a connection and being completely “in the moment,” two ideas reflected in holistic health approaches. Julie has a voracious appetite for knowledge in areas having anything to do with the universe: astrology, cosmology, physics, philosophy, biology, and chemistry. Her core belief is that the only way to approach life is with an appreciation for the "connectedness" of everything. Therefore, a holistic approach to health and problem solving is indubitable.