Geoffrey A. Davis

Brooklyn, New York, United States


Geoffrey A. Davis was born on September 6, 1963, to James E. Davis, Sr. and Thelma Davis in Brooklyn, NY. James E. Davis, Sr. worked as a Correction Officer and Thelma worked as a registered Nurse. Geoffrey’s dedication and commitment to stopping violence has been dauntless. This unwavering determination evolved twenty years ago when he and his brother, Slain NY Councilman James E. Davis examined ways in which to prevent killings that were permeating the community due to the infestation of drugs. Geoffrey is a community activist, lecturer, counselor, humanitarian, and dedicated individual. He Co-founded the Love Yourself Stop The Violence organization and as a result of his brother, James E. Davis’ assassination inside New York City Hall on July 23, 2003, re named in his honor, Geoffrey and his mom, Thelma Davis founded the James E. Davis Stop Violence Foundation (JEDSVF). JEDSVF provides GED, Computer Training, Counseling to victims of violence, Family support service, Political awareness programs, Documentary (Murder At City Hall Councilman James E. Davis' Story), Art Exhibits, a Museum (James E. Davis Multicultural Museum of Peace) and mediation to the tensions in inner city communities. Prior to James’ death Geoffrey worked at Medger Evers College as a Program Director. Geoffrey assisted with the creation of one of the first programs in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn named, Progressive Youth Empowerment (PYE) The program serviced the community providing Educational, Athletics and Art programs. Geoffrey has organized and participated in many events geared towards community empowerment including; The Annual James E. Davis Multi Cultural Peace Breakfast/Memorial and The Annual James E. Davis Stop Violence Family Day Peace Walk/Concerts. Geoffrey attended Kingsborough Community College where he graduated and received an Associate of Arts Degree, attended The College of Staten Island, graduated and received a Bachelors of Science Degree & attended Long Island University Graduate School receiving his Masters of Science Degree. Currently Geoffrey is pursuing his Ph.D. Geoffrey A. Davis is a firm believer that one can achieve any goal that he/she sets his/her mind to. He believes that faith in God, self love, determination and a strong sense of character can change the world.