Edward Longmire

Prague, Czech Republic


Edward Longmire has been based in Prague, Czech Republic, after graduating from FAMU, the Czech National Film School.  Originally from London in England, he worked in the City before moving to Eastern Europe in 2001.

Although he had always been interested in the art of photography and documentary, he cites Prague as reawakening his inspiration for exploring those themes that constantly intrigue him : globalisation, humour, and how both can play off against each other.

He has travelled extensively in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Morocco, Namibia, Kenya, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Russia, Korea, China, Japan and Cuba. But ultimately, Edward  is convinced of one thing : the world is small, and getting smaller.  And people are basically the same.

A keen photographer since his first Kodak Instamatic, Edward buys a new camera every year, but still believes it is the person behind the camera who is more important than the camera itself.  After about 6 megapixels, any more detail is merely technical, after all.

Check out his website : www.edwardlongmire.com