Drew Roller


Public bio

Drew Roller (Writer, Director) - Melbourne, Australia

Having written, edited and directed on numerous film festival entries and worked for broadcasters like Channel 31 in Melbourne, Drew is now in the midst of production on FingerStyle Movie (Working Title).  

Drew has taken the concept from just an idea to filming in 9 countries. He has successfully crowdfunded a documentary, put together an international crew and built a social network and online presence around the concept. His background in visual arts, music and technology has been harnessed to great effect in the ongoing production.

Drew shoots with state of the art Ultra HD DSLRs, action cameras and a professional mix of lenses, mounts and rigs, matching world class visuals with high end audio equipment to deliver professional results.  He is a passionate and driven creative professional that doesn’t wait for opportunities, but makes them.  His passion for the crafts of filmmaking, music and visual design have converged in a project that promises to engage audiences in a highly expressiveand stylised way through the extraordinary stories, talents and dreams of musicians from around the world.