Diana Newton

Carrboro, North Carolina, United States


Diana Newton is the Principal of Falling Apples Consulting, where she focuses on developing leaders through assessment, coaching, training, and writing. Diana is also the co-author, with thought leader Dr. Paul Hersey, of Leadership Blueprint: Why We Better Lead and Lead Better (2012).


Diana’s interest in filmmaking began as a writer and producer of training films that explore the complex interpersonal dynamics between managers and their employees. She also wrote a business history book and produced a companion video about the 75-year development of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Diana has written, directed, and produced a documentary-style case study film, Change Journey: Facing Terminal Illness, for the Satir Global Network. It focuses on the process of managing change, based on the real-life story of a cancer patient and her Hospice support team.


Diana is currently producing a personal documentary film, The Ties That Bind, which examines how her brother's change in gender identity tests the relationships within her Southern family.