Dayla Soul


Public bio

Having surfed my whole life I am deeply passionate about the ocean and the lifestyle. I was frustrated with the films that are out on women surfers because they all just seem to portray this stereotype of a beach bunny. I decided to make this film because I wanted to share the truth about who we are as female surfers and show the ability, skill and determination it takes to surf here in Northern California. I have been filming IAP since March 2013.

My photography and film segments have been featured on OutsideTV, Comcast GameON, CBS, ABC, Mode TV and local San Francisco news papers and radio. I have organized, produced and directed 8 major events/ benefits for this documentary and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that earned $36,000 for our equipment. I am a member of The Women's Surf Institute and continue to be an advocate for the first ever Women's Big Wave World Tour!