Chris Hinrichs


Public bio

32 yo home designer, living in rural Northern Michigan, who has a passion for documentary film. I watch a lot of them. ( I don't have any ambition to be a filmmaker personally. I am looking for interested, talented people who like to consider even the most unthinkable documentary ideas. I think I've come up with a good one, but I can't go anywhere with it without the help of a strong advocate in the documentary film industry. I'm relying on the burning curiosity that exists within all documentarians. I know most of you prefer to come up with your own material, but I am offering something that could only originate from someone outside the industry. My brief presentation is available in the public domain on the internet to avoid unsolicited material hang-ups. If you think you'd like to look at it, let me know (chris_hinrichs AT hotmail DOT com). For more on me, you can check out my personal website, For someone that hasn't made any documentaries, I think the website will demonstrate my love for documentation.