Nadeem Uddin

Seattle, Washington, United States

Film Projects

  • Nadeem Uddin
    • Nadeem Uddin (2024)
    • Director, Producer
    • Bhopal 84: worst industrial disaster to date by Union Carbide Plant in Bhopal, India
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Nadeem Uddin was born in India. Graduated with a degree in Radio, Television and Film, from University of North Texas. Nadeem has been making films on diverse subjects such as: the Spanish Civil War, the 1984 Bhopal Union Carbide disaster, the largest holy Hindu pilgrimage the "Maha" Kumbla Mela, ethnographic films on indigenous traditions in South Asia. He is currently working on a series of films on water called, "Inherent Memories" as well as a feature length film on controversial international American pop ceramicist, Charles Krafft. He lives in the Pacific Northwest USA.