Amir Ghonim

Santa Monica, California, United States


Born in Doha/Qatar, Amir Ghonim is an Egyptian producer/director/actor with seven years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. Amir has worked for several well-grounded organizations such as Disney International (As a lead actor and a script adaptor), Doha Film Institute (As an AP and a producer/director), Doha Tribeca Film Festival (As a producer/director), Al Rayyan TV (As a producer), and others. Working for such organizations gave Amir a wide platform to develop his creative abilities and acquire various fruitful skills that help his post as a producer/director/actor. He is currently living and working in LA/USA pursuing an acting career beside working on different artistic projects with the aim of participating in the make of high quality products with a deep-rooted cultural, human, and artistic voice, yet an international reputable echo.