Barry Walton

San Francisco, California, United States


More at:AdventureBTV.com Born in the small town of Medina, MI. Barry passed the days climbing trees and exploring the endless miles of farms and forest. Leaving the home for the first time at age 17 for training in the US Army an adventurer was born. launching off the legendary 70' cliff in Taylor falls, MN the thrill seeker spent his college years exploring the Northwestern United States. From the Black Hills of the Dakota's, the Rocky Mountains and down to Key West, travel and adventure where always around the corner. Applying employment to adventure he traveled to England to do social work with youth and perform entertaining skits at local schools. Combined with an interest in theatre and film he built experience as an extra in, A Simple Plan , modeling for Aveda Hair Institute and playing Mercucio, in Romeo and Juliet...(continued at AdventureBTV.com).