Adrian Wood


Public bio

Adrian has worked with archival material for over 40 years either in the context of documentary production for broadcast as well as theatrical release or in the restoration of motion picture films.

 Restorations supervised by him include films by directors such as Fanck, Riefenstahl, Ichikawa, Marcellini and Shinoda.  The restorations have screened at key festivals and Cinémathèque around the world.

 Whilst retaining a deep commitment to the supervision of restorations he continues to develop productions led by archival content. His long-standing commitment to research and to the discovery of forgotten content has led to him being honored with several prestigious awards both in the UK and in the US, where he is currently based.

 His mantra for many years has been and remains ‘it is not that something is lost or no longer exists, we simply need to continue the search until we find it’.