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The Mentoring Room - Ask the Working Pros

This is a Public Topic geared towards first-time filmmakers. Professional members of The D-Word will come by and answer your questions about documentary filmmaking.

Joe Scherrman
Sat 20 Dec 2008Link Tag

Sarah Goldsmith

In order to get grants for my project I partnered with our local community foundation that is 501C3. At first they didn’t think they could accept money and give it to me, a for-profit. It took the help from Robert Richter D-worder
and Karen Shatzkin (Shatzkin & Mayer, P.C.) to convince our local foundation.

I could of used Robert’s generous offer to provide the 501C3 but I wanted to educate our local community that this can and should be done. (I am on a mission to get our area hip to the production of films.) It also took the help and legal opinion from Karen Shatzkin.
The information from Karen and the offer from Robert helped convince the foundation to look into it. The foundation got their legal people and they then agreed that my project was with-in the foundations mission statement and have now partnered with me. Since I have received over 40,000 in grants.
The hidden section is the opinion I gave the foundation.

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Nicholas Taylor
Sun 21 Dec 2008Link

I'm producing a documentary about this particular family, and they have a lot of home movies and pictures that I'm going to use as B-roll. I have consent forms for the interviews and images, but I need a form specifically to handle the rights for the B-roll. Does anybody have a form like that, or know where I could get one?

Prabha Nag
Thu 25 Dec 2008Link

I am using a HV 20 with DOF adaptor to make films. The quality of video is really good, but sound is very tinny. Is there anyway I can improve the quality of sound without spending a fortune? I'm still learning film-making, so want to get some experience before investing in higher-end equipment
Appreciate any suggestions please!

Craig Schneider
Sun 28 Dec 2008Link

For those of you who have ever done pure editing jobs, what did you use to determine your hourly or daily rate? An old editor of mine from my journalism days hired me to edit some footage that I didn't shoot into a short doc for the web. While he didn't end up using the piece, which i actually never got to finish b/c of he killed the project, and we didn't agree to a set price upfront, I spent about 20 hours all told putting it together. NOTE: I took this work outside my day job (I'm a financial writer to pay the bills). How much do I work the cost of my Final Cut Studio 2 software and new iMac and storage into charging him for the HD edit if at all? Do I base my rate on my current salaried writing job? What's the going editing rate for New York City? It's tricky pricing because I don't want to price myself out of future jobs (shooting and editing) for him in 2009. He asked me to send him an invoice. Any help would be appreciated.


Doug Block
Sun 28 Dec 2008Link

Craig, it varies widely. Top editors working on feature docs get $500-600/day. On the other hand, the guy who edited my last work-in-progress sample, who was an experienced ass't editor, and a talented but only somewhat experienced editor, charged $20/hr. Because you're tossing in your own equipment, I'd say a minimum of $25/hr is fair. Anything above that you feel like charging is up to your comfort level.

Craig Schneider
Sun 28 Dec 2008Link

Thanks for your feedback, Doug. Most helpful.

Andrew David Watson
Sun 28 Dec 2008Link

And your in NYC where the rates are higher... so you can factor that in as well.

Aaron B. Smith
Sun 28 Dec 2008Link

In reply to Prabha Nag's post on Thu 25 Dec 2008 :

what kind of microphone are you using? a lapel mic? boom mic? condenser mic?

Aaron B. Smith
Sun 28 Dec 2008Link

In reply to James Longley's post on Thu 18 Dec 2008 :

Yes, IDA has a "fiscal sponsorship" program. There is a detailed application process, but it can happen for you. Nots sure how hard it is to get approved for their program however. If your doc is of a massive budget – over $50,000 (last time i checked) – they start taking a percentage. I paid a lawyer to read over their legal documents regarding fiscal sponsorship and nothing seemed amiss to him.

Membership is required to apply for fiscal sponsorship.

Mark Barroso
Mon 29 Dec 2008Link

In reply to Doug Block's post on Sun 28 Dec 2008 :

I'm shocked, given that all of the contractors employing illegal aliens wanted $25/hr to mud my drywalls.

Edited Mon 29 Dec 2008 by Mark Barroso

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