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The Fair Use discussion with Pat Aufderheide is now archived. It can be read here, along with a treasure trove of discussions and masterclasses with special guests held here over the years.

The D-Word was all over the recent GETTING REAL Conference in L.A., and Sarah George and Vivian Kleiman live blogged the various panels and talks. Find out what the broader doc community is talking about and join the discussion in our Special Topic.

The D-Word is "a lifeline for documentary filmmakers... unique in its generosity of knowledge and support," writes Laura Poitras. "Read what else our members have to say about The D-Word.

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The D-Word is doing a new collaborative project: 94 ELEMENTSJoin in the planning and discussion.

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  • Getting Real Conference Time Ends Sat 25 Oct 2014
    IDA and AMPAS are hosting GETTING REAL, a 3-day national conference for documentary filmmakers in Los Angeles from Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2014. This topic is aimed at connecting filmmakers attending and sharing tidbits with those who can't be there in person.