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The Mentoring Room - Ask the Working Pros

This is a Public Topic geared towards first-time filmmakers. Professional members of The D-Word will come by and answer your questions about documentary filmmaking.

Mark Barroso
Thu 13 Nov 2008Link

In reply to Robert Shore's post on Wed 12 Nov 2008 :

One more thing about exposure. If you are going to use it in film that becomes well-known then your exposure increases. If it's for some fraternity gag film night then not likely. You getting the idea?

Marianne Hjorth Nielsen
Thu 13 Nov 2008Link

Hi D-Word,

I would like to get some advices or creative ideas on how to finance films through the internet.

Le Sheng Liu
Sun 16 Nov 2008Link

Have you googled Sundance Documentary Fund? There are plenty of grants programs out there, but that's the first one off the top of my head, and it's actually VERY competitive. What you should also do (if you haven't already) is become a member of the International Documentary Association. They offer fiscal sponsorship to many indie docs, so you can accept donation$ through them!!! Check them out at:

If you wanna use that footage, you still need a release from the subjects who appear in it, including the Joe Schmoe who happens to be the bf of the girl who uploaded it. Also, as far as ownership goes, I think that could be a battle between the person who shot/uploaded it and Youtube, but I don't know of Youtube having any sort of exclusivity policy, so if you can get your hands on the original footage, use that instead. Youtube video quality sucks anyway!

Check out this blog from my friend. She's edited many major projects and has some good insight on how to get your film out there on the web.

Good luck to you guys!! Email me if you like'd more info!!!

Robert Shore
Mon 17 Nov 2008Link

Thanks for all your help on the youtube issue. Like so many things, it's clearly unclear. Another question (sorry, kind of learning as I go on this project): I'm thinking about investing in some HD cameras. I have the budget to buy something a bit bigger and fancier (thinking about the Sony EX1) and something a bit less expensive and more easily portable (maybe the Sony A1U). I am concerned about the compatibility of the images. Does anyone have any experience with this? Will the images flush visually if cut end to end? Thanks again,


Sam Rabeeh
Mon 17 Nov 2008Link

In reply to Mark Barroso's post on Thu 13 Nov 2008 :

Hi Mark, you can reply on anything. I'm open to advice especially the cinematography as I had difficulty keeping things framed and even making decisions on framing as "everything was happening at the same time".

James Longley
Tue 18 Nov 2008Link

In reply to Marianne Hjorth Nielsen 's post on Thu 13 Nov 2008 :

I think your question is too general. What kind of film are you talking about?

Charles Acrie
Sun 23 Nov 2008Link

I have personally been funding my own documentary project and I have run out of funds. When I began the project I really didn't know how extremely detailed I would have to be to complete it. In the beginning I was just thinking of a way to make money, but when I began to understand what it took to create a quality project I knew that I might be in over my head. I hired and trusted someone who I was told knew what they were doing. All that happened was I got cheated out of money. So I got my own camera, a Sony FX1 and a mac pro lap top and began to shoot my own project. I am about 80% complete but just need funding to complete it. How would I go about getting funding for it?

Edited Sun 23 Nov 2008 by Charles Acrie

Doug Block
Mon 24 Nov 2008Link

Friends and family are the usual starting points, Charles. Then there's everyone you know. Probably not what you wanted to hear, right? Anyway, would help to know what your doc is about.

Christopher Wong
Mon 24 Nov 2008Link

charles, if your doc has an obvious social issue associated with it – e.g., education, civil rights, poverty alleviation, global warming – then there are a host of foundations and film organizations which have grant programs available. if your doc does not have any such link to social issues, then you'll find the grant world pretty slim pickings.

for minority filmmakers like you and me, there are always film orgs like NBPC (National Black Programming Consortium) that have grants available. these grants, however, are highly competitive.

for you, the best thing to do would be to make a fundraising trailer (2-5 minutes) and show it to individuals and other organizations who can either fund you, or put you in contact with others who can.

Charles Acrie
Mon 24 Nov 2008Link

I'm looking for answers Doug, those I want to hear and those I don't. I'm actually going through that short list of people right now. My documentary is entitled, MODERN DAY GANGSTA "Hood Pollitics". It's about a small community in Long Beach California that is occupied by two gang factions, the Insane Crips and the Rollin 20 Crips. They share the same streets, the same friends and families, the same history. They are so closely related that they could be considered family, in some cases they are, and they are killing each other at an alarming rate. The funerals are numbing and have become common. The questions are many but the answers are few. There is no real justice for the families. The code of silence in the community is stifling. Young black men are being put away for the rest of their lives. The danger in shooting this project is real and frightening, but it's a story that must be told.

I have done time in city and county jails, state and federal prisons. I was a product of everything that is wrong with that community, and although I was never involved with either of the two gangs, I was a part of the same social and psychological retardation process that has affected many in that part of the Long Beach community.

I have a Sony FX1 and a mac pro laptop computer. I have hired a professional to do the final edit. I have accumulated a great deal of footage and I'm clear on the direction of the doc. I have a young man from each gang and telling the story through their eyes. They still have gang affiliations, however they have become community activsts, have great jobs and are willing to put themselves on the line to get this story out.

What I like about this site is that it is so informative. If you take the time to read over the many questions and answers from other Enthusiasts and Members, many of your questions will be answered, not to mention the plethora of sites posted. It's absolutely amazing and I truly appreciate all of the information and I want to thank you for allowing people like me to be a part of such a worthwhile site.

Thanks Christopher for the advice. I read the comment you wrote on Monica's 10 minute trailer and I found it quite informative. I will check out the NBPC and I'm confident that my documentary will comply with some of the criteria they are asking for. When I read the comment you sent to Monica it made me take a closer look at my own. Keep up the good work brother and thanks again.

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