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The Mentoring Room - Ask the Working Pros

This is a Public Topic geared towards first-time filmmakers. Professional members of The D-Word will come by and answer your questions about documentary filmmaking.

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John Philp
Fri 1 Oct 2004Link
hi everyone,
massive questions, i know, but can anyone point me toward a good website
or someting that discusses documentary financing methods and the
differences between them. i'm a little confused abour presales versus co-
production financing versus corporate funding, etc. and what's the best for my

Doug Block
Fri 1 Oct 2004Link
try i'm sure there are also books on the subject

Robert Goodman
Fri 1 Oct 2004Link
Lots of good books available.
Pre-sales: Broadcaster signs an agreement to pay a fee before doc is
finished. Money paid when doc is finished. Guarantees them input and
right to air.
Co-production - Broadcaster, production company - supply money and
help guide production.
Foundations - provide grants to fund all or part of a doc.
Corporations - provide money to fund all or part of a doc.
Corporations pay you to make a doc.

Doug Block
Fri 1 Oct 2004Link
with a pre-sale, part of the license fee is paid on signing a
contract. in fact, could be up to half.

Robert Goodman
Fri 1 Oct 2004Link
thanks - doug - meant to include word "most" Still recovering from

Doug Block
Sat 2 Oct 2004Link
heh heh ;-) (inside joke - you had to be there)

Dana Flor
Tue 5 Oct 2004Link
I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what exactly is the role of the executive
producer in a documentary? What are his/her responsibilities?

Robert Goodman
Wed 6 Oct 2004Link
prestige. money. guidance.

Dana Flor
Wed 6 Oct 2004Link
I'm assuming by prestige you mean that the EP lends his/her prestige to the
doc? In terms of money-is the EP generally responisbility for funding the show
or looking for the funding? And guidance, how much is the EP involved in the
content of the show, or does this vary from production to production? Thanks
for your help!

Doug Block
Wed 6 Oct 2004Link
it varies, dana. they could simply lending their name, but usually
they try to raise money. sometimes people buy their way to an exec
producer credit, but that's kind of rare for docs (drat!).

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