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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Mary Lance
Fri 15 Aug 2014Link

Greetings All, I've been meaning to join this great group for a long time. Have been working in the documentary world for a long time, in recent years in New Mexico and previously in New York.

Niam Itani
Fri 15 Aug 2014Link

In reply to Mary Lance's post on Fri 15 Aug 2014 :

Welcome to The D-Word, Mary!

Doug Block
Sat 16 Aug 2014Link

Indeed. Great to have you joining us, Mary.

Don Schwartz
Thu 21 Aug 2014Link

Greetings, All!

I'm an actor, writer, and journalist from northern California. I provide documentary film reviews and filmmaker profiles to

I'm also a regular guest on From the Heart Productions' monthly BlogTalkRadio show, "Dissecting Docs with Don Schwartz and Carole Dean".

My Facebook Page, officialdonschwartz, is about my book, "Telling Their Own Stories: Conversations with Documentary Filmmakers". I use this page to post supportive information for filmmakers and doc lovers, and I share these posts with every FB doc group I can find.

I'm always seeking new outlets for my journalistic work, and I'd appreciate any references for print, television, radio, and web you may share.

My actors site, is up now – a revised and expanded version will soon be uploaded.

Doug Block
Thu 21 Aug 2014Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Don. Good to have you here.

Melissa Donovan
Fri 22 Aug 2014Link


I'm a cinematographer from NYC and have finished my first feature documentary, "ZEMENE". I've been working on this solo for the past few years, shooting in Ethiopia and NYC.
I've entered into a few festivals for the fall, with one official selection at Chagrin Doc Film Fest. Looking forward to reading posts and learning about the next phase of getting a film out into the world.
Glad to be on board here and hope to meet many of you in person at one of the gatherings.

If your interested, I have a trailer to my film at

Doug Block
Fri 22 Aug 2014Link

Welcome, Melissa. You made it here just in time to help us celebrate our 15th birthday on Sept 3rd. Read all about it in this special topic.

Tala Hadavi
Fri 22 Aug 2014Link

Hi Everyone, I am excited to join D-word after a friend telling me I had to do it! I'm a Swedish-Iranian filmmaker that just relocated to NYC after spending the past 10 years in Spain, Sweden and Washington DC.

I have been in the industry for 5 years, working as an independent VJ/documentary filmmaker and being that I am multi-lingual and multi-cultural, I have worked mostly on topics related to those cultures providing content (both long and short form) to Voice of America's Persian service and Swedish National Television. My first long-form doc about a UFC fighter was broadcasted on Swedish national television and all throughout the Middle East. I also taught a documentary filmmaking course for a group of teenagers at Imagination Stage this past spring.

Now that I'm living in NYC, I'm looking forward to expand my filmmaking and topics to a broader audience. I'd love to connect with other filmmakers in the city in hopes of being able to partner up for various ongoing and future projects. Solo work can get a bit lonely...

I look forward to the connecting I can make on here! (btw, working on making my website, coming soon). I will be in LA the week of the 15 year party for meetings and was wondering if anyone is planning on getting together for that?

Here is the trailer to my feature film:

Have a great weekend everyone,

Erica Ginsberg
Fri 22 Aug 2014Link

Hey Tala. Welcome! (She is also one of the Docs In Progress Fellows and I am probably one of the friends who told her to join).

Was just about to recommend that you should definitely go to the D-Word B-Day Party in NYC to start to meet the local doc community, but it appears you will be in L.A. Nobody has come forward yet to organize a birthday party in L.A. (I think some of the usual suspects are out of the country then), but check into the birthday topic to stay tuned on what might be happening. In any case, you could always post in the F2F topic when you'll be there to see who might want to meet up.

Antonio Carlos Osse
Sun 24 Aug 2014Link

Greetings from Brazil. Im working on a doc about Theodore Roosevelt s trip to the River of Doubt. We just retraced a big part of the trip by canoe. Was great! Looking to meet other adventure documentarians here! TonyBR.

John Grabowska
Sun 24 Aug 2014Link

Utterly jealous. No murders and no infections? Welcome to D-Word.

Antonio Carlos Osse
Thu 28 Aug 2014Link

In reply to John Grabowska's post on Sun 24 Aug 2014 :

Hi John, thanks, it´s great to be here. The Roosevelt River trip was great. 30 days paddling, great scenery... No murders or big infections! In true, it was much easier than expected. Watching your Vimeo channel now. Great stuff you made! See you around. If ever in Brazil, drop me a note.

Edited Thu 28 Aug 2014 by Antonio Carlos Osse

Kim Beamish
Sun 7 Sep 2014Link

Hey all, Kim here.

Australian filmmaker living in Cairo. Have been for the past three years, whilst working on a film called, "The Tentmakers of Cairo". A feature doc on the effects of Egypt's revolution and ongoing turmoil on ordinary Egyptians. A four minute teaser can be found on vimeo if your interested.

Keen to chat all things doco.


Nathaniel Torok
Mon 8 Sep 2014Link

I really enjoyed that Kim. I will pass the teaser on to a few friends – thanks for sharing.

Aryana Farshad
Tue 9 Sep 2014Link

Hi everybody,

I joined the group a while ago but got busy and just came back from 3 months filming in Iran & Afghanistan

Have been working in the DOC world for a while and still surviving!!! I am based in LA. Happy to be back home. Aryana

Niam Itani
Wed 10 Sep 2014Link

In reply to Aryana Farshad's post on Tue 9 Sep 2014 :

Welcome, Aryana!

Bill Jackson
Wed 10 Sep 2014Link

In reply to Aryana Farshad's post on Tue 9 Sep 2014 :

Welcome, Aryana!
You worked on Orgazmo? That was one of my first feature film mixes. :)

Amy Halpin
Wed 10 Sep 2014Link

Hi Aryana! Good to see you over here!

Doug Block
Wed 10 Sep 2014Link

Tala, Antonio, Kim and Aryana, great to have you all here with us. And a big welcome, as well, to all those who joined having read about The D-Word in the IDA newsletter yesterday. We don't normally advertise here, it was one of the perks of being a partner in IDA's "Getting Real" conference coming up at the end of the month.

Anyway, feel free to leap right into the discussions, everyone.

Patrick Lile
4 days agoLink

Hi everyone. I'm Patrick Lile, I'm the program assistant for Northwestern University's MFA in Documentary Media. I've worked on a handful of projects with Kartemquin Films including The Interrupters and Life Itself. Thanks for allowing me into this community!

Doug Block
4 days agoLink

Two great projects, for sure, Patrick. Welcome to The D-Word, happy to have you.

Niam Itani
4 days agoLink

In reply to Patrick Lile's post on Wed 17 Sep 2014 :

Welcome to The D-Word, Patrick!

Ryan Gleeson
4 days agoLink

Hi Patrick, so weird you just posted here, I just responded to a month old email from you!

I'm here to introduce myself as well. I've had an account for quite some time and just decided to do some browsing and realized I never gave a proper hello!

Hi! I'm Ryan, also a KTQer. I work on the production end of our company, mostly in Post but dabble in Production. Outside of work I direct, gotta keep the dream alive I suppose!

Hey guys!

Ron Osgood
4 days agoLink

Patrick is a former student of mine and a terrific person. Welcome Patrick!

Niam Itani
3 days agoLink

In reply to Ryan Gleeson's post on Wed 17 Sep 2014 :

Welcome to The D-Word, Ryan!

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