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Jeremy Zerechak
Fri 10 Aug 2012Link

Shoot, my apologizes for the mis-type. Surely I realize "D-List" is not the appropriate terminology. First impressions, berg, sorry I do have the best intensions. Just a nervous-nelly on the keyboard for this tread.

Margot Roth
Fri 10 Aug 2012Link

Obviously you were all discombobulated from the Pirates being 63-48 this late in the season. I'm from Pgh. too so I understand. Great to have you here, Jeremy. [Actually, you might be the sole representative from Pgh.! (Many of us are from da Burgh but now hang our black-and-yellow hats elsewhere....)]

Olivier Uwayezu
Mon 13 Aug 2012Link

Hello to Everyone!
I am Olivier Uwayezu from Kigali Rwanda, I have been searching the forum of professionals and Finally I got it. I will learn more from you indeed.
I am in doc film field since 2007, working as an Editor and participate in many intensive courses in editing, the last and very important is the one with Jason Osder (and I thank you) from GWU/SMPA currently I am working as freelance in Rwanda and making research on Rwandan Genocide, in recording rwandan testimonies.

Doug Block
Mon 13 Aug 2012Link

Great to have you with us, Olivier. Welcome.

Olivier Uwayezu
Mon 13 Aug 2012Link

Thank you Doug!

Joshua Guerci
Mon 13 Aug 2012Link

In reply to Doug Block's post on Tue 31 Jul 2012 :

Thank you Doug Block! I am planning a documentary film trip to Africa in the near future. The country will be either Kenya or South Africa. Where do you suggest looking for information on getting camera gear into those countries? I understand that customs can be hard on filmmakers.

Vivian Kleiman
Mon 13 Aug 2012Link

In reply to Olivier Uwayezu's post on Mon 13 Aug 2012 :

I'm delighted to meet a Rwandan documentary filmmaker, Olivier, and I look forward to seeing the country through your eyes & ears.

Olivier Uwayezu
Mon 13 Aug 2012Link

Thank you Vivian Kleiman, I look to show you the country of thousand hills

Eric Martin
Thu 16 Aug 2012Link

Hello everyone. I'm a current film student at Columbia College in Chicago. I've completed (99%) my first short film documentary on the exploitation and corruption within the Chicago taxi industry.

Would love to receive some professional critique before I entered it into film festivals.

kevin sarnoff
Mon 20 Aug 2012Link

Greetings D-word,

My name is Kevin Sarnoff. I've been a cinematographer for the last fifteen years shooting feature films, commercials, promos and the occasional doc. Last summer, armed with an abundance of optimism, a fair amount of magical thinking and no shortage of ignorance, I traveled to a remote part of Nepal to film a doc which was to be my directing debut. Angry villagers and altitude sickness threw a wrench into my master plan but left with me some tremendous footage. I'm trying to piece the film together now and map out my next steps. Documentary is my true love and I'm in awe of the work many of you do. I am thrilled that a community such as this exists and very happy to be a member.

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