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Doug Block
Sat 7 Jul 2012Link

In reply to Richard Leigh's post on Fri 6 Jul 2012 :

Richard, the Public and Professional Classifieds topics are probably your best bet. They're the only topics where we're okay with double posting, too.

Richard Leigh
Sat 7 Jul 2012Link

Thanks John & Doug.
I'll get that public & pro classifieds topic list happening soon.
Again, thanks for the welcome & the service you're doing here :)

Heath Cozens
Sat 7 Jul 2012Link

Thanks John!

Adam Stafford
Sun 8 Jul 2012Link

Hi folks, my name is Adam Stafford, a few years ago I directed a short called The Shutdown, which was quite well received. Since then I've been a bit erstwhile from the film community, making a new short (see My Films) that's taken me literally 3 years to get funding for and some busy musical projects. But I'm here to re-engage with the Doc Community. Thanks.

Doug Block
Sun 8 Jul 2012Link

Good to have you here, Adam. Welcome back to filmmaking, in general, and welcome to The D-Word.

Adam Stafford
Sun 8 Jul 2012Link

Thanks for the welcome Doug, it's good to be back!

John Burgan
Sun 8 Jul 2012Link

Really liked The Shutdown when it was screened at Silverdocs back in 2009. Welcome back, Adam.

Edited Sun 8 Jul 2012 by John Burgan

Adam Stafford
Sun 8 Jul 2012Link

Thanks John, yeah it has taken me a while to follow it up, but I have finally! (you can view the trailer for No Hope For Men Below here: I hope to make it back to Silverdocs next year, it was such a warm, friendly and encouraging festival.

Raymund Gerard C. Cruz
Mon 9 Jul 2012Link

In reply to Heath Cozens's post on Fri 6 Jul 2012 :

Hey Heath. That sounds like a fascinating project.

Japan has such an interesting combat sport history (ranging from Sumo to Pride FC). Somewhat like a religion to them. And kudos for sheding light to an unfamiliar combat industry in such a kinetic culture.

Good luck on that one!

Rebecca Rolnick
Tue 10 Jul 2012Link

Hi D-sters,

I just joined and am so excited to be a part of the community! I have been working on a documentary for two years and it has been an incredible journey. It's about a little Iraqi girl who, after being struck by a roadside bomb, came to the US for reconstructive surgery five years ago and has yet to return. It has been compelling to watch her story unfold – feel free to check out our website and drop us a note! Looking forward to discovering all that D-word has to offer ...

- Becky

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