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Carla Sanchez
Thu 24 May 2012Link

Hello D-Word Community,

I am a big fan of your work Doug Block, I love your style of pitching. Can I take you with me to La Rochelle, France to pitch our project "Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business? @TheSunnySideOfTheDoc ??? Hehehe...

Doug and everybody in this community, I am the Creator and Director of this Documentary and would love your feedback on it:

D-Word community we would love your support of our film, can you please go to this link, watch the 3 Mins Video and Vote for us? "Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business?

Thanks everybody,

Edited Thu 24 May 2012 by Carla Sanchez

Ben Blair
Fri 25 May 2012Link

Hi everyone. I'm a filmmaker living in LA, but about to head out to Malawi, Africa for a year to film my first doc. I recently met the very talented Nick Higgins who tipped me off about this site. Looking forward to digging in and learning as much as I can from everyone. Looks like a great community.


raymond bell
Sat 26 May 2012Link

Hello everyone, Im Raymond Bell the founder and Administrator of the HOPE Project a career training program for socially and economically disadvantaged young people in DC. I'm not a filmmaker I'm looking for a filmmaker to help us with a documentary about this amazing program that has become a movement in DC. The unemployment rate in the area we recruit our students is 30% on paper but actually much higher, the program is only 3 years old and has been nicknamed the Harvard of the Hood, by young people because of the success of the graduates. we really need a professional to help with this project. We have footage since we started and pictures. The website is, here is the most recent news story about the program.

if there is a talented student in the DMV please contact us, we really need some help. We want to shed some light on the lack of quality job training in the country and celebrate the success of the HOPE Project students.
email is raybelljr [at] gmail [dot] com

Doug Block
Sat 26 May 2012Link

Adam, Jakob, Carla and Ben, great to have you all joining us at The D-Word. A warm welcome to you all.

Great program, Raymond. Hope you find the help you need here.

Doug Block
Sat 26 May 2012Link

In reply to Carla Sanchez's post on Thu 24 May 2012 :

Best offer I've had all week, Carla :-) Feel free to whisk me away to France, for sure.

Ben Blair
Sat 26 May 2012Link

Thanks Doug!

Kiley Kraskouskas
Sun 27 May 2012Link

My name is Kiley Kraskouskas, I am documentary filmmaker living and working in Washington, D.C. Right now, I am in post production on the documentary, Essakane Film, which is the story of the Taureg music festival, The Festival in the Desert, and the rebellion that ended it. We began the project with a Kickstarter campaign that funded most of our three-week shoot in Mali in 2011 and continue to fundraise while also scripting and rough cutting as our story continues to change!

I love documentary films and doc filmmakers, so I am not sure why its taken me so long to join the d-word, but I am happy to be here. In addition to this film, I also the co-founder of Thinking Forward Media, where I consult and teach on crowd funding, (my other passion) proposal writing and budgeting for films.

Recently I became a board member of Docs in Progress and love their mission and the community that surrounds it.

Doug Block
Sun 27 May 2012Link

Welcome, Kiley. Be sure to register for professional membership here so you'll have full access to our 50 discussion topics.

Rob Rooy
Sun 27 May 2012Link

Kiley, welcome! Hope we meet soon; maybe at Silverdocs?

Anna Kelaidi
Tue 29 May 2012Link

Hello everyone!
my name is Anna Kelaidi, photographer and beginner in the art of documentary. I live and work in Athens, Greece. I am happy to join your community, and I am sure I am going to learn a lot of this encounter!

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