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Doug Block
Mon 19 Mar 2012Link

Wow, a wave of newbies today. Justin, Constance, Zeljko and Anthony, a warm welcome to you all!

victoria campbell
Tue 20 Mar 2012Link

Hellooooo documentary community

my name is Victoria and I have completed one feature length doc. titled 'House of BOnes' on my family and a house. I am currently enrolled in the SVA MFA doc. program which is a wonderful program thus far. Have been learning a great deal. HAve some projects in the works and trying to finish a small film I am making on a neighborhood in port-au -prince. HAve been going there over the last 3 years since earthquake. I'm in NYC and delighted I finally signed up to be part of this. Hi D.


Doug Block
Wed 21 Mar 2012Link

And we're equally delighted, make that even MORE delighted, to have you joining our virtual doc shindig, Victoria.

Having been one of the lucky duckies to have seen "House of BOnes," (I'll spell it your way, it's more fun) I can attest to the enormous talent of Ms. Campbell.

However, one demerit for posting a photo so dark we can barely see ya.

Edited Wed 21 Mar 2012 by Doug Block

Tessa Debilde
Fri 23 Mar 2012Link

Hiya, my name is Tessa! I'm Belgian and currently working as an executive producer on a film noir about time travel in Venezuela. More than the scifi aspect, we focus on the Cuban exiles in Venezuela and the issues of dealing with a constantly changing environment, both as an immigrant and a timetraveller. As a setting we decided to use downtown Valencia (VE), to put the old colonial houses in a bit of a different light. This is our Prezi:

Seeing Casi Medianoche (Almost Midnight) is my first production, I joined D-Word to learn, look, read and discuss. I look forward to meeting people here!

Doug Block
Fri 23 Mar 2012Link

Greetings, Tessa, it's great to have Venezuela represented here. Glad you found us, even if you seem to be working more in the fiction than doc world. Do you have a film background or do you come to film from another path?

Tessa Debilde
Fri 23 Mar 2012Link

Someone who had been giving me advise on legal matters, told me about D-Word. I myself come from a completely different background. I worked for a while as an assistant in training and education, than did my masters in education. After univ, I met an old friend from Venezuela who was assembling a team to make this movie... I happily jumped at the opportunity and left for South-America.

Both of us are interested in a variety of topics, so joining D-Word is a logical choice for me. My partner has done an as yet unpublished documentary for the Venezuelan state. We've been designing (and dreaming about) about doing a documentary on teaching workers in heavy industry about film, an emancipatory project... but at the moment, our fiction film takes up all of our time.

Doug Block
Fri 23 Mar 2012Link

Well, any friend of Richard Lee's is a friend of ours. We've upgraded you to Professional status so you can take better advantage of all the different discussion topics in here. Hope you find it helpful and best of luck on your film.

Tessa Debilde
Sat 24 Mar 2012Link

Thank you very much Doug!

Arwen Kidd
Sat 24 Mar 2012Link

Hi everyone! Am a Canadian documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist, currently based out of Liberia, West Africa (where I've worked for much of the past three years). Although the majority of my film work has included pieces commissioned by NGOs, I have also completed a couple of independent documentaries, and am currently working on a third – a short to be filmed in Monrovia next month.

As I often work solo or with a small crew, I've had experience in most areas of production and post-production – and currently shoot with a couple of Sony HVR-A1s and edit with FCP. Working across West Africa and mainly in post-conflict countries, I'm used to dealing with somewhat difficult filming conditions – charging cameras off generators or car batteries, building makeshift 'sound rooms' in closets, cursing humidity's effects on electronics, etc. As you might guess, I don't have access to a lot of fellow filmmakers where I am, so I'm very excited to be able to join this community, and look forward to following along with the discussions. And of course if anyone is keen on projects in my part of the world, would always love to hear from you!

John Burgan
Sun 25 Mar 2012Link

You're very welcome, Arwen. The D-Word is here 24/7, so do check in regularly.

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