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Pippa Riddick
Tue 13 Sep 2011Link

Hi all,

Not too sure what to put here, but thought it would be rude not to introduce myself.

I'm to about to embark on making my first documentary film, after really enjoying devising a couple of documentary theatre pieces at uni.

The site was recommended to me in the book I'm reading at the moment, book and site very useful so far!

Jeff Schwartz
Wed 14 Sep 2011Link

Hi Everyone,

I have been a Director/Cameraman in NYC for almost 35 years growing up with the video industry. After all this time I recently completed my first feature-length documentary which will be premiering at the Boston Film Festival on September 19, 2011.

It's called GIVE ME A SHOT OF ANYTHING: HOUSE CALLS TO THE HOMELESS. The documentary provides a uniquely intimate view into the world of the homeless and the people that care for them. The film follows Boston street doctor Jim O’Connell and his extraordinary team as they make house calls to the homeless, delivering life-saving medical care and offering their patients a chance to feel whole again. It challenges us to look past the existing prejudices we may have, and examines how we as a society treat our least fortunate.

I'm very proud and excited about this movie and came to this site seeking advice about festivals, marketing, promotion and outlets. The festival is only a few days away so any thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you. jeffschwartz (at)

Edited Wed 14 Sep 2011 by Jeff Schwartz

Doug Block
Wed 14 Sep 2011Link

Welcome, Jennifer, Pippa and Jeff.

Jennifer, first thing I'd do is have a long talk with your director and make sure you have the same vision for the film. Frankly, someone who thinks there's a 3-hour doc to be made from 12 hours of interviews with so-called experts is completely deluded.

Pippa, are you talking about the Michael Rabiger book? It's a great one, for sure.

And Jeff (who I go way back with), great to see you here! And congrats on getting your feature completed, that's fantastic. I highly recommend you look over the back posts in our Festivals and Marketing/Distribution topics. You'll get lots of great advice there. And of course feel free to post any questions. Best of luck, my friend.

Jeff Schwartz
Thu 15 Sep 2011Link

After watching "The Kids Grow Up" on HBO,(and getting quite emotional, having two grown up daughters myself) I googled you and was led to the D-Word. It is so nice to see what you have done with this site and the films you have made. Congratulations! Hope to see you soon. And now to those back posts!

Doug Block
Thu 15 Sep 2011Link

Thanks, Jeff. I imagine you must have quite an archive of home footage yourself.

Jennifer Reiman
Thu 15 Sep 2011Link

In reply to Doug Block's post on Wed 14 Sep 2011 :

Hi Doug, thanks for your post :)
Researching how much footage is usually needed opened my eyes to the reality, although the director wants the documentary to be a similar style to 'The Fog of War' which I believe was put together from less than 10 hours of interviews with McNamara.
Talking at length with the director is needed, thanks for reinforcing that :)

Doug Block
Thu 15 Sep 2011Link

Jennifer, this should go to the Mentoring Room. But you didn't say anything about fleshing out the interviews with other footage, so that wasn't clear. Nevertheless, your director is no Errol Morris.

Joel Bach
Thu 15 Sep 2011Link

Hi everyone: I am a former 60 Minutes producer working on a climate change TV series. We're in development, hoping to sell the project to a major network or cable channel. It's going to be a tough sell because of the subject matter, but we're going for it. We have James Cameron and Jerry Weintraub involved as executive producers. Right now we're looking to forge relations in the doc community in order to make the series as good and powerful as possible. I'm also looking to see who out there has made (or is in the process of making) a documentary on the subject: mega floods, climate-driven wildfires, a drought in the Southwest that may never go away. I'd love to hear what people are up to, and when we eventually (hopefully) get the greenlight, it would be great to collaborate in some way. I can be reached at joel(at) if you want to send me a message. But please only write if you have something constructive to say or leads for me to follow. Also, I'm not taking any resumes. Thanks so much, Joel Bach

Doug Block
Thu 15 Sep 2011Link

Welcome, Joel. And welcome to the world of indie docmaking, where you definitely take your life in your hands. Best of luck with what sounds like a hugely ambitious and important project.

lee merine
Thu 15 Sep 2011Link

Hi – my is Lee and I am producing an independent rock documentary with musician Bobby Bare Jr. We are currently in post production – getting close to locking picture and we are in major fund raising mode – raising money for finishing funds – audio mix / color correct / music mix. We are also prepping to submit at premiere festivals – the first (closest approaching deadline) being Sundance. I am looking to the filmmmaking and documentary groups to help me spread the word about the film and help me spread the word about fund raising – this film was made by only a few people so any help in the community that we can get is great and so appreciated. One method of fund raising that we are implementing is grass roots crowd funding – we just created an Indiegogo campaign –
please check it out and please pass along!

Here is a little bit about the film:
It is about a man, a musician – Bobby Bare Jr. – and the relentless struggle of a touring artist fighting to survive on the road, doing what he can to keep his world afloat and provide for his children. There’s more that goes into it than getting up in front of a crowd and its not all pretty.

With exclusive access we followed Bare Jr. out on a nationwide tour, even rocking in peoples living rooms, to unveil a side of the music industry that most do not see – a “fly on the wall” look at the ups and downs of touring… the endless driving, the monotony of the road, the lack of stability and the constant separation and disconnect from loved ones.

After months on the road, is it ever possible to really reconnect?

In an effort to reveal the texture and depth of Bobby Bare Jr. and his eclectic musical style, we create a visual collage of formats consisting of Super 16mm, 16mm, 8mm, and HD. We also utilized GoPro cameras; their small size provides unparalleled placement precision which allowed us to achieve a true “fly on the wall” experience.

With very few interviews, the audience is along for the ride and is drawn into the world that is Bobby Bare Jr. while he weaves his way thru complicated rock ‘n’ roll situations.

Please let me know if anyone would like additional information on the film and please visit our website:

Thank you for your support!

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