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Benjamin Key
Fri 26 Aug 2011Link

Hello Everyone,

I recently completed my first documentary short entitled "Porters on the Stone of God". The film focuses on the social justice issues surrounding the tourism and mountaineering industries on Mt. Kilimanjaro. My fellow producer and I shot the film on a very small grant, but we are now gearing up for festival submissions. I'm new at this so I would appreciate any input. We recently launched the film on Vimeo:

Looking forward to getting to know the community here.

Kathy Huang
Mon 29 Aug 2011Link

Hi, folks! Just wanted to drop a line and introduce myself to you. I'm a documentary filmmaker who moved this past month from Los Angeles to New York City (clearly, the most timely of moves :-) I've recently completed work on my first feature, "Tales of the Waria"– an ITVS-funded project that follows a community of transgender women in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country. The film's making its way around the festival circuit right now and will be airing on PBS next spring.

When not working on my own projects, I freelance as a shooter on other independent docs and TV docu-series. If you’re in need of a shooter with a strong producing background, please feel free to contact me. Hope to meet some of you in the area real soon!

Doug Block
Mon 29 Aug 2011Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Kathy. So you're the one causing all these "events", eh?

Mark Barroso
Tue 30 Aug 2011Link

Welcome to the cult, Kathy. I can't wait to see your film (everyone else should, too), and you again for that matter. Apply to Full Frame and I'll buy that beer I owe you.

kesang choki
Tue 30 Aug 2011Link

HI this is kesang, a Documentary film maker. Currently am working on a documentary titled "She Speaks"( actually it was my thesis project).Its about Women in Bhutan(Have you heard of it?)and why women in Bhutan pray/desire to be reborn as men in their next life! despite being in a matriach country.I want to make it into a bigger production, hence looking for co-producer who can help me financially.Also looking for grants...

Doug Block
Tue 30 Aug 2011Link

Nice to have you join us, Kesang. A co-producer who can help you financially is a nice wish. Generally it's you who helps a co-producer financially.

kesang choki
Wed 31 Aug 2011Link

Thanks Dough! i didnt know that!!! well that means i guess i should concentrate more on my grants. Any way thanks for the warm welcome, i look forward to interacting with you more.

joseph Santarromana
Wed 31 Aug 2011Link

Hi my name is Joe, I'm in the development stage of my first feature length documentary.

Doug Block
Thu 1 Sep 2011Link

Howdy and welcome, Joe. Both you and Kesang would do well to read some of the back posts in our Finding Funding topic.

Dan Howes
Fri 2 Sep 2011Link

Documentary filmmaker here out of Seattle. My producing partner Karina Whitmarsh referred me to this site. We're currently in production for a documentary about up and coming MMA fighters in Bremerton, WA and the surrounding area.

Look for our work in the coming months; Here's a taste –

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