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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Nick Verbitsky
Fri 23 Oct 2009Link

In reply to Kevin McGill's post on Mon 19 Oct 2009 :

Welcome, Kevin. I'm just up the road from you in Norwalk, CT....

Sahand Sahebdivani
Sat 24 Oct 2009Link

You guys'll be happy to know the sneak peak of Chihiro's Mooch-Me project premiered in the New Mezrab.

Jillian Glantz
Sun 25 Oct 2009Link

Hello Everyone!

I am new to the doc world, but loving it! I am currently in development on a feature length music doc and looking for a producing partner, so if anyone has any advice, my ears are open!


Leo Tafuri
Mon 26 Oct 2009Link

Hi there guys!!
God save the doc!!!
Hug fou everyone!!

Fabrizio Fantini
Mon 26 Oct 2009Link

Hi everyone, I joined d-word a few days ago and now introduce myself! I'm an italian producer/director and I work with my partner Chiara on my company LaDamaSognatrice_audiovisual productions in HD.
On 2009 I working for a new documentary in high definition and I looking for a french coproduction.
See you on line.

Doug Block
Mon 26 Oct 2009Link

Great to have you here, Fabrizio. Thanks for introducing yourself. And a big welcome to Jillian and Leo, as well.

Gerri L. Gagnon
Tue 27 Oct 2009Link

Hello, I'm a USC CNTV grad (and later BU grad) who worked a long time at various PBS stations (with some side forays into commercial and cable)around the US. Currently I'm doing an independent doc on the creation of the first and only classical ballet company in Spain in over 20 years: Corella Ballet Castilla y Leon. After 5 trips to Spain I now hav 80hrs of HD footage, and need to finish the film SOON! But like everyone these days, no job, income, or funding (beyond "moi") is making it hard. The trailer in online, (doing well) but not much else yet.

Stuart Brown
Tue 27 Oct 2009Link

Hello, I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm a versatile documentary researcher, production manager, prize-winning producer and self-shooting director with many years experience in factual programming. I have over 36 broadcast and cinema credits, and eight broadcast commissions from self-originated proposals.

See my CV at:

Doug Block
Tue 27 Oct 2009Link

Welcome, Stuart and Gerri. You should both register immediately for full membership here, which will give you access to all the discussion topics (no worries, it's still free).

Amy Jackson
Wed 28 Oct 2009Link

Greetings. My husband Mark and I are Documentary Filmmakers currently living in Atlanta. We just got back from an amazing video journey in Costa Rica and you can check out some of our video on our website

Aimie Burns
Fri 30 Oct 2009Link

Hi! My name is Aimie Burns – and I am currently working on my first documentary film. It is called Stealing the Light and will be apart of a series called Peace Through Education. . Please feel free to check it out, and send me any comments/ feedback.
I am located in Asheville, NC.
Looking forward to "meeting" you :)

Robin Bradford
Sat 31 Oct 2009Link

Hello! I'm Robin Bradford, a filmmaker from San Francisco. I'm a writer/director and have kept very busy the past couple of years with two exciting projects, both feature-length documentary films. Please see my website for additional information: I'm looking to connect with other documentarians for networking, information sharing, support and friendship.

Doug Block
Sat 31 Oct 2009Link

Welcome Robin, Aimie and Amy. Good to have you all here with us.

Brian Parsons
Sat 31 Oct 2009Link

Hello D-Worders! Good to be amongst doc film comrades.

If you're into synthesizers, all things sound and the post millennial global music underground, you might like our new film coming out in 2010.

I'm interested in guerrilla promo/publicity/marketing and would very much appreciate any wisdom...or just some good ideas :) We were contacted by ppl from Levi's and Diesel and honestly I'm looking for some sage advice. It seems our films featured artists and labels are of interest to these types of "youth brand" companies, many of the artists music has been featured in films,tv shows, commercials etc.

We just showed a sneak preview at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC during the CMJ and got a buzz started. it'd be nice to know what to say to these corporate folks and the appropriate way to speak to or approach these kinds of ppl/co's. srry for the long intro. Thanks

you can watch the trailer here

Margaret Noble
Sat 31 Oct 2009Link

Hi, my name is Maggie Noble, and I've been working in doc editing since the days of 16mm. Remember film? I've done a lot of work for National Geographic TV, Discovery Channel, History Channel, A&E, that sort of thing, as well as independent docs. Right now I've just finished cutting three hours of a history series, and am on the loose once again! Just looking to make some new contacts, and see what's going on out there.

Ben Kempas
Sun 1 Nov 2009Link

Welcome, Brian and Margaret. Maggie, have you applied for full membership yet? It's free but not automatic.

Erin Finicane
Mon 2 Nov 2009Link

Hi everyone! I’m Erin, an amateur documentary filmmaker based in Boston. I recently moved from New York where I was interning at Jigsaw Productions and Four Corners Media. I run my own freelance video production and post-production service, which has proved quite successful thus far, but am hoping to transition from the scattered nature of freelance projects to a career in feature-length documentary. I love the storytelling process and believe that documentary offers a unique outlet for knowledge that makes it one of the most important tools for education in the 21st century. I look forward to learning from and participating in the D-Word community.

Wolfgang Busch
Tue 3 Nov 2009Link

Hello everyone,

I am a cinematographer who is based in Berlin. I like working abroad and have workingexperience in India, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Poland, Spain and USA. I have experience In shooting on Film and Video, HD-Video aswell. I am looking for new contacts, interesting Projekts, and interesting discussions.

You can see my vita and showreels on .

There is also a trailer of the documentary "The ledgend of Shiva and Parvati"

Doug Block
Tue 3 Nov 2009Link

Welcome aboard, Wolfgang. Feel free to plunge right into the discussion topics here.

Christie Strong
Tue 3 Nov 2009Link

Hi everybody,

My name is Christie Strong and I'm a filmmaker currently fundraising for my first doc feature 'Bombshell: The Life of Maria Stinger.' I'm very excited to join a doc-minded community, where I can learn from others and share some of my own adventures :) My website is and I'm located in Miami, FL.

Doug Block
Tue 3 Nov 2009Link

Hi, Christie. Bombshell sounds quite interesting, and I especially like the personal angle. Good luck with that. Feel free to register for full membership here, which will give you access to many more discussion topics.

Edited Tue 3 Nov 2009 by Doug Block

Ben Kempas
Tue 3 Nov 2009Link

Erin, please don't feel ignored. Of course we're welcoming you as well!

Kellie McClune
Wed 4 Nov 2009Link

Hi everyone!
My name is Kellie and I'm a college student in Valdosta, Georgia. My major is International Documentary Production, and I'm loving every minute of it!! I've been in love with video and media since I helped my brother film a project when I was 14. I realize I'm still wet behind the ears and have a lot to learn, which is why I am very excited I found this website!! I'm fully open to discussions, advice, and of course making new contacts in this industry.

Sergio Lopez Figueroa
Wed 4 Nov 2009Link

My name is Sergio I live in London and work internationally, my background is in music composition for film. Two years ago I founded Big Bang Lab, a cultural-social enterprise working across Film, Music and Heritage to achieve social change in communities. After a project in Delhi ( I am looking for production companies to commission the making of documentaries of our projects with young people and the cities.

First I need to pitch to commissioners and get the money!

To learn more about my vision

or visit any of these websites

Edited Wed 4 Nov 2009 by Sergio Lopez Figueroa

Doug Block
Wed 4 Nov 2009Link

Welcome, Sergio, and good luck getting that money. It's quite a noble vision you have there. And welcome, as well, to Kellie and, of course, Erin. Sorry to have overlooked you initially.

And thanks again to Michael Rabiger, whose classic book on Directing The Documentary continues to send new folks to The D-Word.

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