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Doug Block
Thu 16 Jul 2009Link

Welcome, Dave. Hate to break the news to you, but a good editor costs a good deal of money. But if you're serious about finding one in the LA area, you can ask for suggestions here or you could get in touch with some local doc makers (possible through the IDA) and ask them for suggestions. Good luck with your doc.

Edited Thu 16 Jul 2009 by Doug Block

Emile Guertin
Thu 16 Jul 2009Link

In reply to Christopher Wong's post on Wed 15 Jul 2009 :

Thanks Christopher, and Doug. I am getting into the swing of it slowly but surely!

Mariangela Mondolo
Thu 16 Jul 2009Link

Hello from Madrid,

I'm Mariangela and together with a Spanish director I am producing a an independent documentary mainly shot in Spain but that will require a few days of shooting in the U.S., more precisly around Los Angeles, route 66 direction Las Vegas in August (8-12 August).

This is also the main reason that lead me to find the D-word, but I must confess this page seems really great.

We are looking for a sound recordist for 2 max. 3 shooting days in August. Anyone know someone who'd be interested?
Any help on how to address best this search will be really, really appreciated.

Please mail me to:

Thanks a lot and saludos from Madrid.


Jason Burlage
Fri 17 Jul 2009Link

Hi there,

So I've been lurking around here for a while now – have pulled a lot of great information from the site – and figure I ought to introduce myself. I'm just finishing up my first feature doc – about a year in the life of a porter on the Inca Trail. We just 'unveiled' the "website": and Facebook page a few days ago. Definitely a rookie at all of this, so feedback/advice is welcome on both. I look forward to being more a part of the community here.

Doug Block
Sat 18 Jul 2009Link

Jason, great to have you here with us, and glad you're finally posting. Best of luck with your project.

Jason Burlage
Sat 18 Jul 2009Link

oops – that's an actual website, not just a "website"

Jason Burlage
Sat 18 Jul 2009Link

and thank you Doug

Michael Pardo
Mon 20 Jul 2009Link

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. I am a documentary film "enthusiast". I actually own a DVD/CD/Blu-Ray replication company called The Dubhouse. I work with a number of independent/documentary filmmakers (including Doug Block some years back). We have 8 plant locations across the country (NY, L.A., FL, NC, IN) and can handle any quantity fully packaged. Let me know if I can help.

Mike Pardo

Doug Block
Mon 20 Jul 2009Link

Hey, good to see you here, Michael. It was a pleasure working with you in the past. Feel free to give us more details about The Dubhouse in our Classifieds topic.

Albie Garcia
Tue 21 Jul 2009Link

Hi first time writing. Have always been a reader. I'm working on a documentary with potentially some big artists. Somewhat nervous have always been able to fund my own projects. I have reached a point where funding the rest of this project is not an option. I wanted to reach out and see if anyone can point me in the right direction to investors. If anything, just some knowledge n the matter.

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