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Niam Itani
Wed 8 Jul 2009Link

Welcome Bradley. Sounds like a tough project to be working on McKee's "Story"! Good luck with that.

Emile Guertin
Fri 10 Jul 2009Link

Hello to all at the big D, my name is Emile Guertin, I am an editor of several years cutting mainly for Discovery and NatGeo, but am now turning my attention to directing my long-planned indie doc about faith in Manila, Philippines.

It's a character driven portrait of several Filipinos and how they reconcile their fate with the divine. It's my first doc as director, but as a strong storytelling editor, it feels like a natural progression for me to be behind the camera.

My initial reason for joining D-Word is to seek creative support and advice as I venture down a path I have not trodden before! Shooting in a couple of months.

Influences on me Joseph Campbell, Karen Armstrong, James Longley... and others.

Currently based in Sai Gon, Viet Nam, originally from London, UK.

Emile Guertin
Fri 10 Jul 2009Link

Oh as an extra note, most notable indie project I cut was 'Bunso: the Youngest', directed by the lovely Ditsi Carolino, Manila, Philippines. Premiered at IDFA 2004. Here's a clip if anyone's interested.

Ben Kempas
Fri 10 Jul 2009Link

A special welcome to The D-Word, Emile! I think you're our first active member based in Vietnam. :-)

Stéphane M. Grueso
Fri 10 Jul 2009Link

Hi you all, I'm a documentary film director and producer based in Spain. I'm half french and half spanish and lived for many years in Germany... I guess that makes me really an european... I have a small production company with two colleagues but friends. We are now working in several documentary film projects that would need international coproducers, so I am working on creating a network of people and see what happens. I'm looking forward to the interchange in the D-Word. Visit our website to know more about me/us. All the best. St.

Jason Perdue
Fri 10 Jul 2009Link

Hi Stephane. We were just talking about your film, ONE HUNDRED METERS AWAY, over in Views on News a few days ago. Welcome.

Stéphane M. Grueso
Fri 10 Jul 2009Link

Hi Jason, hopefully next time I won´t miss the conversation...

Doug Block
Fri 10 Jul 2009Link

You can still take part in it, Stéphane. It's part of the beauty of conversations at The D-Word – they never really end. A warm welcome to you and Emile.

Sinisha Juricic
Fri 10 Jul 2009Link

Hello, I am documentary film student in Zagreb, Croatia and I am writing my final school paper under the title "Documentary Film Distribution"..any good thoughts on possible literature adn where and how to find it?


Andrew Buchanan
Sat 11 Jul 2009Link

In reply to Sinisha Juricic's post on Fri 10 Jul 2009 :

Assume you're talking about international distribution.

A lot depends on what you mean by literature, and on the exact topic your paper covers.

If it's sales brochures etc, many of these will be online; just google and see what you come up with.

Also find out which person within BBC Worldwide, National Geographic Television International and other large distributors deal with Croatia and ask them for advice on where to find literature.

If you mean books or papers on the distribution business, I haven't ever come across any, though that doesn't mean they don't exist.

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