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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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James Schlipf
Thu 25 Jun 2009Link

In reply to Nick Verbitsky's post on Thu 25 Jun 2009 :
Sure, can I email you at the add on your profile? I'm familiar with the Princeton program, it's not really exactly what I'm focusing on but is still relevant in a way that takes some explaining. Watch out, my email goes to spam sometimes.

James Schlipf
Thu 25 Jun 2009Link

In reply to Mikal Jakubal's post on Thu 25 Jun 2009 :
Haven't seen HORSE BOY but I've read a lot about it, including some posts on D-Word when I did a search on autism. Do you know what the reaction was at Silver Docs? I understand "eqqui-therapy" is becoming very popular, especially in Texas.
By the way, I looked at your profile and I'm interested in your ELF project. There was recent news about this in Oregon. I agree with your statement that most of these issues are more complex than what is seen in mainstream media (thus my autism project). Let's talk sometime, I'll trade stories of building a log house and dogsledding for stories of straw bales and climbing.

Mikal Jakubal
Thu 25 Jun 2009Link

Hee, hee, sure. Don't know about the Silver Docs reception (might want to ask in the Silver Docs topic or Doc Films topic since not everyone checks in here), but everyone I talked to at Sundance loved it. It's a feel-good movie.

For info on our film, check out our website (very much under construction)

(better duck out of here before we get the boot)

Doug Block
Thu 25 Jun 2009Link

In reply to Jim Dessauer's post on Thu 25 Jun 2009 :

Welcome, Jim. General rule is to get releases if someone either speaks or is overheard speaking prominently. Or if you fear they'll sue your ass for some reason ;-)

Lavina Tien
Sun 28 Jun 2009Link

Hi everyone! I'm an aspiring documentary filmmaker currently based in Shanghai for the summer

I don't have much experience (except for some short films in college with a mini handheld), but am hoping to use this summer to develop more skills – by volunteering for a doc filmmaker, helping out a crew, and so on. Where can I find contacts in Shanghai who might want to use my help?

Also, I'm hoping to start shooting something on my own. Is there a videocamera that you would recommend for amateurs like myself? (that still shoots relatively well...I'm not very technical but am quite particular about image quality :)

Thanks much!

Riina Spørring Zachariassen
Mon 29 Jun 2009Link

Hi everyone,

I joined the D-Word as I have recently taken the position as the organizer of the industry platform of CPH:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival and more specifically the distribution forum DOX:FORUM which focuses on alternative distribution platforms for documentaries such as online fora, galleries, museums, cinema etc.

DOX:FORUM brings app. 15 projects in late stages of production or post production to Copenhagen to meet with distributors from all these channels and so I have joined D-Word hoping to find the right projects.

See more in the attached call for entries!


Doug Block
Mon 29 Jun 2009Link

Welcome, Riina. Heard so many wonderful things about Dox:Forum over the years and I can't wait to attend, hopefully next year. We normally discourage double posting, but feel free to post this in both of our funding topics.

Ben Kempas
Mon 29 Jun 2009Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Lavina and Riina.

Doug Block
Mon 29 Jun 2009Link

Yes, Lavina, didn't mean to ignore you. Welcome aboard.

Mary Riley
Tue 30 Jun 2009Link

Hello everyone,

I'm Mary Riley and I have worked in and around Documentary films for quite a few years. I am co-owner of Shields Pictures, Inc. of SF... among our film holdings we own three historic Paramount Pictures film libraries and have been involved in many films (mostly Doc's, including M. Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"... best film I'll ever have my name on:). We are now in the restoration/preservation process of our 3 series mastering to High Definition working with a FotoKem in LA & Spypost in SF (& doing some of the work in our edit bay)...& learning something new everyday! We are scheduled to give presentations about the Popular Science series to international film festivals and film restoration/preservation workshops in The Dominican Republic in the fall. Cheers & nice to meet you all! Mary

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