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Philip Owens
Fri 8 May 2009Link

Thanks all! It's good to be here, and many thanks for all the kind comments. I'm looking forward to getting to know the place and the people. And thanks to Jason for introducing me here!

Maria Yatskova-Ibrahimova
Fri 8 May 2009Link

In reply to Raphaela Neihausen's post on Thu 7 May 2009 :

I never thought I'd see the day! Welcome doll-face! :)

Jo Danieli
Fri 8 May 2009Link

Hi, I am an author, journalist and artist, born in Austria, coming from a background of marketing, graphic design, journalism and photography (mostly in Vienna), and I have “turned filmmaker” to take advantage of more modern tools of story-telling. I have worked in all areas of the media business, from reporter over art-director, ad-exec, layouter to editor-in-chief, and I have traveled the world publishing feature reports about exotic themes. I am an experienced copywriter and conceptionist for advertising, commercial campaigns, music videos, promotional videos and documentary films. My early works as an independent filmmaker are documentaries about interesting people. I have been working in all facets of video production and have made a few short film.

The last three years I spent making an epic documentary about Hawaii, and I am seeking preview and fundraising screening venues for my film – which was made completely out of pocket, and all I need now is to be able to pay for clearances.
My film is the ultimate educational-cultural gem about Hawaii, so factual that it has the hardest time getting funding. Why? Because my 56 speakers and 10 Hawaiian narrators tell Hawaii’s story how it really was, detached from the usual bias. And not everyone is happy about having to revise their pre-conceived ideas about “the good guys and the bad guys”, about “paradise” and the contrary … and it all has been existing in the Hawaiian islands for millennia.

Here is the online trailer of my film "Native Of Owhyhee" (390 min., widescreen, that I wrote, produced, directed and edited): .

The synopsis:
"Native Of Owhyhee" – WGA.reg. 1170301 © Jo Danieli 2008 – in post-production/seeking distribution/completion funding
Feature documentary, 390 minutes, widescreen;
The epic historical documentary "Native Of Owhyhee" tells the story how Hawaii turned from an ancient "pagan" society into one of the most literate Christian nations in the world of the 1800s. It is the story of tribal cults and sacrifices, of legendary magical ways of living predating the era of the settlement of Polynesia, of indigenous traditions in the islands through the eras, and it features the intersection of cultures in Hawaii as well as the fate of several young Hawaiian sailors and a Prince who played historical key-roles in the era of greatest changes shortly after Western contact, together with the pioneer American Christian missionaries. The film features 56 speakers from Hawaii and New England and ten native Hawaiian narrators, over 1000 historical images, historical film-clips and great original Hawaiian and New England music.

I am not much of a chatter, but I’d appreciate referrals to screening venues and / or sponsors who want to help me to make this film public to honor the many people who are sharing their expert “mana’o” (“knowledge”) in our film.
One “kupuna” (Hawaiian elder) who speaks in the film, passed away, and this makes me very sad. His wish was, however, after seeing an early version of the docu, that it be shared with the world. And I am working on that one and would appreciate your help. I’d share the preview screener with anyone interested and/or a two hours content-clips DVD.
My reel is available.

I’d love to make my next documentaries, but currently, I have to try and find a way to survive economically after spending literally all I had on my Hawaii docu – just BECAUSE people (especially sponsors-to-be) were so incredibly nasty about facts that matter and tried to force me to adjust historical facts to their ideas of history and their political and religious agendas. To threaten me is the best way to keep me on track, though – that’s why “Native Of Owhyhee” is “pono”: It means, it’s right and pure and genuine and honors all people involved in the intersection of cultures as it has been going on in Hawaii and in the Pacific for thousands of years.
Do I have Polynesian/Pacific ancestry? Maybe. This doesn’t matter. The world should be an open space for humans, and to me, race or nationality are only words.
One of the speakers in my film says the ultimate truth about it all:
“Spirit is universial, it’s not racial.”
And that’s the motto of my film.
I hope, many people will get to see it. Of course I’ll share the rights with people helping me to get it out there.

With “hula” being still such a trendy dance, it’s needless to say, that Japan alone with it’s thousands of hula-schools, is waiting for my film that actually explains Hawaiian culture to the people who wish to honor it by dancing a Hawaiian dance (saying “dance the hula” would mean “dance the dance”) …

I am not online all that often, so if you would like to communicate with me about my film – please, just email. or

Thanks for your attention.
Aloha nui loa!

Tom Dziedzic
Sat 9 May 2009Link

Jo, I would suggest joining IFP and then entering your film into the IFP Market, now called Independent Film Week. Deadline is May 21 so there is time, albeit a rush.
Go to
for more info

John Stanton
Sun 10 May 2009Link


Good work on the Oil In The Family trailer. It looks great visually and it really give hints of an intereting way to look at a very big picture through the intimate lens of a family story. I am working on a trailer for a story out of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Hope it comes out good.

Jedrzej Jonasz
Mon 11 May 2009Link

Hi everyone,

My name is JJ, I have directed 2 docs about Poland and WW2, but most recently have directed a comedy mockumentary about indie filmmaking called "Low Budget" (we can't afford a tagline..) You can see the first few parts of the film at:

I'd love to get some advice on promoting and marketing an indie film. You can see clips from my docs at:

By the way, great job on the hawaii doc Jo! Mahalo.


Doug Block
Mon 11 May 2009Link

Welcome, Jo and JJ. Funny tag line, JJ.

Mike Seely
Mon 11 May 2009Link

Hey there D-Worders,

My name is Mike Seely. I've been a member for a few years, but finally making a concerted effort to be more digitally involved here ("long time listener, first time caller").

I'm a filmmaker/ cinematographer based in San Francisco, but right now living in Lodz, Poland for a few months. I'm just finishing up editing a half-hour film about an innovative Ecuadorian doctor and his efforts to provide health care in rural areas (the title is in working-title limbo, so I'll give another shout when it's finalized).

Before the website for the curent film is up, you can check out some of my past work here:
and here's a shorter version of the Ecuador piece I produced for Frontline World's website:

I'm spending a lot of time here in Poland over the next couple of years, so would love to connect with other documentarians living and working in Europe. Next year I plan to make three shorts docs in different styles as part of a fulbright grant project on the Polish documentary tradition.

By the way, I'll be heading to Planete Doc Review Festival and INPUT in Warsaw this week if anyone will be there.

Looking forward to participating!
Mike Seely

Doug Block
Mon 11 May 2009Link

Thanks for coming out of the darkness, Mike. Next time you post (hopefully, soon) you might want to update your Current Location (in the box above every post) with your, um, current location.

Sahand Sahebdivani
Wed 13 May 2009Link

"We know stuff about TV, that I don't know Canada will EVER know." Funny stuff, JJ.

Miranda Yousef
Wed 13 May 2009Link

Hello everybody,

Charmed, charmed, charmed. I don't often Introduce Myself, but I feel compelled (mostly by the little message reminding me to every time I log in to D-Word). I'm a feature documentary editor. I apprenticed with the editor of "WORDPLAY," assisting him on a lovely film called "SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED" (SXSW 2008), before moving on to edit "FOOD FIGHT" (which won the 2008 IDA Audience Award). I have worked on 2008 Sundance audience favorite "I.O.U.S.A.," and current Kirby Dick release "OUTRAGE." Most recently I was Lead Editor on one of the most serious and thought-provoking projects I've worked on, "THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS DOCUMENTARY," which will air on Nickelodeon sometime in July, to the delight of... all your children and college-aged nieces and nephews.

However, aside from the CV, I think the more relevant and useful information in an Introduction would be: I love chocolate, watching great movies, reading engrossing books, other people's cats, the Bach Cello Suites, most Impressionists, and the Internet Archive.

I am currently looking for my next project, so if anyone is looking for an editor and wants to talk, please let me know!

All the best,
- Miranda

Erica Ginsberg
Wed 13 May 2009Link

Welcome Miranda. Care to share which Impressionists you don't care for?

Miranda Yousef
Wed 13 May 2009Link

LOL. Very sharp. Although I was using "most" as a sort of disclaimer (what if they discover a new Impressionist I don't like?), I can honestly say that I'm not entirely won over by Bazille. ;)

Doug Block
Wed 13 May 2009Link

You look very glamorous, Miranda, especially for someone who toils away for long hours in dark, dank edit rooms. Very nice to have you aboard the good ship, D-Word. Hope you'll spend way too much of your time here.

Andrea Feder
Thu 14 May 2009Link

Hello everyone,

I have just joined the D-Word after meeting many delightful D-worders at Hot Docs. I am a producer/production manager based in Montreal.

I have worked on many docs since I started working in this crazy industry 3 years ago. I am an active member of DOC (Documentary Organization of Canada) and I am in the middle of organizing the Film Blitz 2880 (a 48 hour filmmaking competition... see classifieds for more info). Before breaking into the production side of things I worked a few years as a gaffer/best boy electric. I am one of those weird people that has no desire whatsoever to direct. I enjoy helping directors making their visions come true by filing out forms, making budgets and financial structures, talking to broadcasters, etc.

On a more personal note, I am Venezuelan born, with Argentine parents and Eastern European roots. I play the violin in a great orchestra.

I look forward to virtually meeting you soon and maybe even face to face.

Cordially yours,

Ben Kempas
Thu 14 May 2009Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Andrea! Which orchestra?

Doug Block
Thu 14 May 2009Link

Greetings, Andrea. Nice to have you joining us.

Andrea Feder
Fri 15 May 2009Link

In reply to Ben Kempas's post on Thu 14 May 2009 :

Hey Ben, I play with the Orchestra Philharmonia Mundi di Montreal. We have a concert coming up in Montreal May 30th, an all russian program including Borodin's 2nd Symphony... but maybe I should have put that on the shameless promotion part of the website, or maybe another website altogether.

Ben Kempas
Fri 15 May 2009Link

Ah, getting used to our topic regime already? :-)

Sounds great! Good luck for the gig.

Luis Tapia
Sun 17 May 2009Link Tag

Hello, everyone. I'm an independent filmmaker born in Mexico, raised in the US, and living in Shanghai, China for the last seven years. I've been making documentary shorts for a couple years now, and they have been growing in scale with the eventual goal of making feature-length projects. I just finished a 25-minute film, Up from the Underground, about an independent Shanghai rock band (viewable on my site at I am also nearly done shooting my next half-hour piece, Human Flesh Search Engine, about a fascinating Chinese Internet phenomenon by the same name.

I look forward to being a more active member here on The D-Word. Anyone interested in China stories for an international audience feel free to give me a shout.

John Burgan
Sun 17 May 2009Link

Good to have you here with us, Luis. That's quite an odyssey you've made.

There are a few D-Worders in China, including a handful in Shanghai. You can hook up with them using the D-Word Member database – use the advanced search to narrow down the location.

Edited Sun 17 May 2009 by John Burgan

Ben Detalle
Sun 17 May 2009Link

'ello 'ello to all!
my name is ben detalle, and im am currently in the daunting/exciting (guess that depends on the days) process of editing my first documentary short. its called "der kindergarten",shot it here in berlin, about a group of kids in an integration kindergarten. basically it deals with themes of learning in young children and how they grow within their surroundings.
im very excited to communicate with you all, and hopefully learn from some of your experiences.
if ever any of you are in berlin, drop me a line!
all the best,

John Stanton
Sun 17 May 2009Link

Hey everybody,

After a few years writing/producing mostly a series of local oral history shorts and museum installation videos, I am back pushing that big rock called the long format documentary up that hill. I just returned from a seven-day shoot in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and am cutting a works-in-progress trailer.

I live on an island, where most of my friends are carpenters or house painters or some other job that caters to the idle rich. So it is easy to get isolated from other people who have chosen to chase stories. looking forward to some back and forth.

John Stanton
Shouldered Oar Films

Doug Block
Mon 18 May 2009Link

Welcome, Luis, Ben and John. Not to get all vampire-like or anything but great to have a transfusion of new blood here.

Simon Constable
Mon 18 May 2009Link

Hello – from the U. K.! We are aquainted with the amazing Fernanda Rossi+ that is what has brought us here to D WORD. Still finding my way about+ keen to participate in Fernanda' s online seminar. Nice to meet you all here.

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