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Danny Samit
Mon 4 May 2009Link

Hey John, Great to meet you. I came to make KUJIRA because I thought the whaling controversy was very complex and interesting but had only seen very one-sided presentations of it. I thought it'd be interesting to go into it with no bias and see what people had to say.

Jon Goldman
Mon 4 May 2009Link

Hey Doug– looking forward to your appearing at Making Media in the meantime, just so you know, I am currently producing a film about oil, the classic film LOUISIANA STORY and my family called OIL IN THE FAMILY. You can see the trailer here:

Shyla Palm
Mon 4 May 2009Link

Hey D-Word World,

I am Television and Film student/graduate looking to create a documentary from scratch in the next few months. I am open to any suggestions on how to start the research process. Got a story cooking and can't wait to get it out on film. If anyone wants a mentee I am looking for a mentor.
Take Care,

Kathryn Dietz
Mon 4 May 2009Link

Hi D-Word friends,

I'm an independent documentary producer, have been working for my own company Ambrica Productions for nearly 25 years making films for PBS, and have helped raise over $7 million. Now in this down economy I'm hiring myself out for development work. If anyone needs help developing concepts, doing pre-interviews or interviews, writing proposals, working with advisors, budgeting and planning films, etc, I'd love to hear from you! I'm also looking forward to reading what others are doing.

Ben Kempas
Mon 4 May 2009Link

Shyla and Kathryn, welcome to The D-Word!

Kathryn Dietz
Mon 4 May 2009Link

Thanks Ben! Now to figure out how to make the most of this community.

Doug Block
Mon 4 May 2009Link

It's simple, Kathryn. You basically give up making docs and read back posts for the next few years. Meanwhile, welcome to both you and Shyla.

Jon, looking forward to the Making Media Conference, too. Hope to see you there.

Luciano Blotta
Tue 5 May 2009Link

Hi D word colleagues!
I am Luciano, documentary filmmaker based in LA. I am also a cinematographer, my latest film, RiseUp, is having it's north american premiere this weekend at HotDocs, exciting! I am glad to join in and hope to be having great discussions here in the near future. If you like Reggae music, then you'll love RiseUp, you can check it out at
All the best!

Gregory Rossi
Wed 6 May 2009Link

In reply to Jeremy Weinstein's post on Thu 30 Apr 2009 :

Jeremy, interesting idea, I l'll look at your site and see what you're working on. I've also been developing the idea of employing a wiki element in producing documentaries – to a certain extent. Will look forward to talking with you more about this.

Raphaela Neihausen
Thu 7 May 2009Link

I thought I'd formally introduce myself, even though I already know many of you through the doc community.

First my confession: I joined D-Word a few years back, but guiltily never really got that involved. Instead, my childhood friend and the director of the first film I produced "Miss GULAG" (Maria Yatskova) held the D-Word reins for both of us. Anyways, this time around – I plan to get more active!

So my intro: I produced Miss GULAG ( while working a full-time job in management consulting (advising Fortune 100 companies on their business strategies). I realized I couldn't do both jobs without losing my mind, so after 7 years in business, I left it for the more lucrative world of documentary film (yes, that's a joke – the "lucrative" part, that is). Anyways, since the transition, I've been working on a personal documentary about my family (that is currently on hiatus) and more officially, I'm the Executive Director of a weekly NY documentary screening series called Stranger Than Fiction ( – we actually just got a topic on D-Word – see That's all for me!

Edited Thu 7 May 2009 by Raphaela Neihausen

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