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Pablo Alvarez
Fri 27 Mar 2009Link

Hi James,

Its awesome to be in a forum with such great filmmakers as yourself. Ok, so Ive had something that ive wanted to tell you for a couple of years now. It all started about 3 years ago when I watched Iraq In Fragments. At that point I was on my 1st year of Film School and although I was learning about the sensitivity in storytelling, I was more impressed with camerawork. When I saw that film I was blown away. At that point I thought it was only the camerawork what was amazing and I managed to find your contact at DVX user and I sent you a note asking you ONLY about the presets you used to achieve these images. You replied in no time with all the numbers and I punched them into my newly purchased DVX 100A as if those numbers alone would aquire those pictures.
Now.. for all of these years i have regretted enormously just having asked you about those presets.. I have grown out of the tech freak school mentality and I can watch your film now without focusing on shutter speeds, or framings or whatever. That film has taught me lots of things. I go back to it once in a while to learn when Im feeling stuck creatively.

Ok so all of this is to say.. sorry for just asking what the numbers in your DVX setting were, when you had made such an amazing, human piece.


James Longley
Fri 27 Mar 2009Link

Thank you, Pablo. You're very kind.

But if you're looking for humanity and sensitivity, there are a lot of filmmakers who've been able to capture that better – and a lot of them are on this forum. Take a look at Doug Block's film 51 Birch Street, just for instance.

Preston Hart
Fri 27 Mar 2009Link

Hi. My name is Preston Hart. I am a Brooklyn based composer and producer of music for films and have scored a couple of documentaries by DC's Eidolon Films. I am looking for new projects so please feel free to contact me.

Doug Block
Fri 27 Mar 2009Link

Welcome, Pablo and Preston!

Thanks, James. I'll trade some humanity for your presets, though.

James Longley
Sat 28 Mar 2009Link Tag

These are okay:

the settings are nothing special – keeping the iris open is more important. Oh yeah – and get close to your subject and shoot wide.

Valerie Reynolds
Sun 29 Mar 2009Link

Hi everyone,
Stumbled upon this site via 2-pop and so glad that I did. I am currently working on a feature length doc working title: Jimi Hendrix: The Early Years
It's about the time right after the Army when he and Billy Cox were living in Nashville. It's about him but it's also about the thriving R&B scene in Music City at the time. It's a side of Nashville that really hasn't been told.

I finished the interviews (30+) and currently working in FCpro, researching archives, licensing, figuring out to pitch it etc.
I ran out and got the interviews first because these guys were not getting any younger...3 have already passed away that I got including Larry Lee last October. I have an hour interview with him and it was probably the last one he did.
I shot everything on a GL2 & an FX1 in SD Have gathered a few more people to help and things a moving forward. I'm sure I will have lots of questions. Grateful to have a place like here to ask them. Looking forward to getting to know some of you.

Doug Block
Sun 29 Mar 2009Link

Glad you found us, Valerie. Sounds like a fun project, hope it all works out. And you find the money for those music rights ;-)

Valerie Reynolds
Sun 29 Mar 2009Link

thanks, luckily most of people i interviewed have their own cd's so won't be using much (if any) hendrix tunes. we'll see. you know they did a documentary about bluesman robert johnson (at the crossroads) and all they had was a photo. we'll see...haven't approached Janie Hendrix yet but have a feeling it would be way out of my budget.

Gregory Rossi
Tue 31 Mar 2009Link

happy to be here with the d-word. I'm a filmmaker from a book background which means I'm still learning to work with a more engaging visual style. I've got my first documentary CONNECT USA premiering at the FirstGlance Film Festival in Hollywood next month. Much of my work until now is oral history based (interview heavy), and CONNECT USA is the story of me traveling across the USA interviewing people over a game of Connect Four (see the trailer at

Going forward as I look to make more documentaries, I look forward to not making it in the woodshed like I did this one, but among a community of doc filmmakers.

Christopher Wong
Tue 31 Mar 2009Link

very cool idea, gregory! welcome to the D-Word...

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