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Riley Morton
Fri 20 Mar 2009Link

SCRAPPLE is a personal fave of mine...

Mark Kendall
Fri 20 Mar 2009Link

Hey Simone...good to see you on here!

Adam Lichtenstein
Fri 20 Mar 2009Link

In reply to Doug Block's post on Thu 19 Mar 2009 :

Many thanks, Doug.

Adam Lichtenstein
Fri 20 Mar 2009Link

In reply to Ben Kempas's post on Thu 19 Mar 2009 :

That means a lot, Ben. And thanks for having me.

Adam Lichtenstein
Fri 20 Mar 2009Link

In reply to Riley Morton's post on Fri 20 Mar 2009 :

Thanks, Riley. SCRAPPLE's my favorite too.

Ruby Yang
Sun 22 Mar 2009Link

Hi everyone,
This is Ruby Yang from Beijing, my home/work base for the last 5 years. Relocated from San Francisco in 2004, I am still fascinated by Beijing and the rest of China.
Thomas Lennon, my colleague has been telling me about this site. Glad I am now part of this professional community.

Doug Block
Sun 22 Mar 2009Link

Welcome, Ruby! I've known of you through Tom for many years now, so it's great to finally have you joining us here. I guess modesty prevented you from mentioning the documentary short Oscar you and Tom won last year for "The Blood of Yingzhou District", but not me.

James Longley
Sun 22 Mar 2009Link

Hi Ruby – good to see you again, if only virtually.

Athanasios Palos-Papantonopoulos
Sun 22 Mar 2009Link

In reply to Ruby Yang's post on Sun 22 Mar 2009 :
Ruby halo,
please, keep me in mind in case you come along with medical video footage.

Richard Eisenstein
Mon 23 Mar 2009Link

Hey Documentary community. I am Rick Eisenstein of Los Angeles and I am working on a documentary about the mortgage meltdown leading to the the foreclosure fiasco.

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