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Doug Block
Fri 27 Feb 2009Link

John F?

Joe Moulins
Sat 28 Feb 2009Link

Steve Kennedy, Your Video Remedy?

Thomas Lennon
Sat 28 Feb 2009Link

James, Doug, Andy: Thanks for those greetings and all those good words. I'm actually writing from True/False FF, where "Tongzhi in Love" is playing. We were short-listed for the Academy Awards, so we had a v. good shot at a nomination (8 films on the shortlist) but we didn't make the cut. now we're sending around to FF. The 30 minute length makes that hard. I love that length – as a viewer, I love watching shorter work, esp for documentary – but to market it is really tough.

Doug Block
Sat 28 Feb 2009Link

Market it? You pick up the phone and say "Sheila darling, how are ya?"

Jack Trau
Sun 1 Mar 2009Link

hi my name is Jack and i am living in israel and going to try to work on ideas for making docs here and about this area. i hope it all works out and hope to make a doc on skydiving as well.

Robin Das
Sun 1 Mar 2009Link

I am an Independent Filmmaker seeking co producer for my projects.
you can find my work at

Ben Kempas
Sun 1 Mar 2009Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Jack and Robin.

Doug Block
Sun 1 Mar 2009Link

Ditto. Good to have you both here.

Brett Story
Mon 2 Mar 2009Link

Hi everyone,
My name is Brett Story, I'm a documentary filmmaker and journalist recently relocated to brooklyn from montreal. I'm currently working on a film about the paralysis of petrochemical workers in an industrial city south of Toronto in response to a major epidemic of cancers – a study, really, in post-industrialization and alienation.... I'm also working on a series of experimental super8 docs about cities. some of them are up at anyway, great to be here, and looking forward to getting to know the forum....

Jenn Cherry
Wed 4 Mar 2009Link

My name is Jennifer Cherry. I teach writing and use videography/photography as an escape from reading student papers. I've decided to stop gazing longingly at all the documentaries being made by others and try to make a short one of my own. I've secured permission from my kids' school and parents to follow the track team this season. I'm kicking around some ideas as to what I want to focus on, so hopefully I'll get it figured out soon--the season begins tomorrow! Most likely, I'll be flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants this go around. I'm sure I'll be asking lots of questions as I get further into this little venture.

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