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Judson Davis
Thu 18 Apr 2002Link
Greetings......I'm a 42 year-old documentary filmmaker from Los
Angeles, one who is happy to be aboard to tap into the experiences
and insights of others in the field.....

Doug Block
Thu 18 Apr 2002Link
Nice to have you here, Judson. Care to either fill out a Personal
Profile (click on Settings button on the top right) or tell us a bit
more about yourself?

Sami Kallinen
Thu 18 Apr 2002Link Tag
Hello. Im a finnish documentary filmmaker based in amsterdam and who
recently took the leap from print journalism into films. Currently
working on a portrait of an 'insane' and completely isolated juggler -
an urban hermit here in Amsterdam who has just finished coding his own
operative system for pc.
Also researching for a piece about an artist who is building - together
with Technical University of Delft - a mobile art center to be shipped
around the globe from the deserts of Egypt to Greenland to Surinam.
Read about D-Word in an old Dox issue...

Ben Kempas
Thu 18 Apr 2002Link
Welcome to everyone! Sorry for my ignorance, but is "Sami" a female or
male name?

Sami Kallinen
Thu 18 Apr 2002Link
Oh, don't be sorry... Should have indicated it myself. "Sami" is a male

Doug Block
Thu 18 Apr 2002Link
Welcome, Sami. I urge you to join our very international D-Word
Community: Currently 400+ members from 22
countries. Finland would make it 23 ;-)

Robert Salmaggi
Fri 19 Apr 2002Link
As a former agent for music, film and television, I am now a
producers rep. I look forward to learning more about the market for
documentaries and becomming involved with documentary filmmakers here
in the US and in the international community.

Doug Block
Fri 19 Apr 2002Link
Welcome, Robert. Care to share what films you've repped for?

Noam Shalev
Sat 20 Apr 2002Link
I'm a documentary director/producer living in Israel, and I run
Highlight Films, that produces documentaries for the European &
American markets and documentary series for National Geographic.
These days we produce two one-hour long doumentaries about last year
of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, filmed from both sides of the

Doug Block
Sat 20 Apr 2002Link
Great to have you with us here, Noam. I may sound like a broken
record, but we'd love to have you join our private community for doc
professionals. Just email me your username and password:

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