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Kai Hagen
Tue 12 Sep 2000Link
Welcome to The D-Word Community's public front porch.

Please take a moment on your way in to let folks know you are here...

Doug Block
Thu 14 Sep 2000Link
I'm a documentary director, producer and cameraman living in New York
City. My last film was a personal doc about personal home pages
called Home Page. Have my own home page called The D-Word (www.d- where for four years I kept an ongoing journal about the
process. A year ago it morphed into The D-Word Community.

My other doc credits include: The Heck With Hollywood!, Silverlake
Life, Jupiter's Wife and A Perfect Candidate. I'm currently co-
producing Jennifer Dworkin's ITVS documentary, The Long Way Home, and
shooting a feature doc about the history of the Attica uprising for
Lumiere Productions.

Craig Foye
Fri 22 Sep 2000Link
I would really like to see a documentary on the attica uprising.

I'm not a film-maker, but it is something I'm very interested in. I
will probably just lurk for the most part... and learn. Thanks for
opening the place doug and kai.

Robert Goodman
Fri 22 Sep 2000Link
I'm a documentary writer/producer/director living in Philadelphia. I'm
currently in postproduction on a feature doc entitled, "Gifts in the
Mail," about the 100 year history of the American Picture Postcard. My
other credits include: America's Dream Highway, The Road Taken,
Philadelphia Green, From Seed to Flower, and Going Digital. I'm also a
contributing editor for The Independent Film & Video Monthly,
Videography, and Digital Cinema (a new magazine launching in October).
And one of the authors of "A Guide to Digital Television" and the
forthcoming "American Society of Cinematographer's Digital Video

Leif Utne
Fri 22 Sep 2000Link
Welcome to the Café, Doug and Robert. Here's hoping the
D-Word community really takes off.

Also: here's Doug's website, unwrapped

Doug Block
Mon 25 Sep 2000Link
Thanks, Leif. Welcome, Craig. I should add that Robert and I are
members of The D-Word Community. I'll let the folks there know to
identify themselves as members when they sign in here in the future.

Feel free to contact any D-Word Community member who comes in here by
clicking on the link next to their name, which will give you their
email address.

Ben Kempas
Mon 25 Sep 2000Link
*** WARNING *** This is a D-Word Community member. *** I bite, but not
on a regular basis. ***

I'm Ben Kempas from Munich, 27 years young.

I'm somewhere between graduating film school and establishing as a
documentary director, earning a iving from all sorts of camera work
and editing, both of fiction and factual stuff.
Our company is which also gave me that im-pressive
So far, my documentaries have been in the political/social/cultural
I am kind of bound to Scotland ... three of my last four documentaries
dealt with Scottish issues, and we even have a branch there.

Ben Kempas
Mon 25 Sep 2000Link
Here's the missing ...


Mark Birnbaum
Thu 28 Sep 2000Link
I produce, direct, shoot, and edit documentaries from my home base in
Dallas, Texas. I'm currently shooting an ITVS-funded film, "Larry v.
Lockney," about a small town in West Texas that has adopted the
toughest high school drug testing policy in the US. Also shooting
"¡Salsa Caliente!", about the art, lifestyle, and music of salseros,
who live to dance.

Small format digital cameras changed my life. And now, with the
advent of desktop video, like Final Cut Pro, I'm living the Socialist
Dream: the tools of production in the hands of the workers! I am a
truly independent producer.

Looking forward to continued discussions, here at the Utne Cafe.

John D. Williams
Thu 28 Sep 2000Link
Hi, Mark! We're neighbors. I live in Cleburne, Texas about 57 miles
down the pike (U.S. 67).

Glad to see D-Word up and running. I was a member of the original
incarnation having seen Doug's film at the Hot Springs Documentary
Film Festival in October 1999. At the time I was teaching video and
film classes and managing the university's LPTV station. Since then,
however, I've returned to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in
Rhetoric at UT-Arlington. I no longer teach the production classes
or run the TV station. When I learned D-Word was moving to a new
host, I decided it was best not to follow. Then Doug e-mailed me (as
a current member) that at Cafe Utne there would be a public space.

This part of D-Word will be perfect for me. Whoever thunk of it is a
prince [bet that's you, Doug :-) ]

Doug is responsible for getting me connected online with a lot of
wonderful folks. One year later my life is much different. Much
richer. I'm a trained conference host and run a conference for my
students and alumni. Thanks, Doug. [Ha-ha! made you blush!]

All for now, I guess.

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