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jd redjade
Mon 26 Jul 2010Link

hello all,
my name is jd and i am an american living in budapest hungary – i recently bought a canon legria/vixia hfs100 to make mini-documentaries or a political nature. You can see my progress in learning the little camera at

there are many many ideas i have for such mini-docus, but step by step i will get there :-)


Rich West
Tue 27 Jul 2010Link

Just did a show of original music bookended by a Gesualdo piece and a Rahsaan Roland Kirk tune in South Pasadena. Have done a bit of soundtrack music for a couple of documentaries and I really enjoyed it. Someone told me to check this site out so here I is.

Yogesh CU
Wed 28 Jul 2010Link

I am a 'creative' from India with a quest for learning and acquiring knowledge about creative expression and zeal to contribute to the art of STORY.TELLING, by utilizing my skills and expertise to the fullest.

Ana Santos
Wed 28 Jul 2010Link

I'm a passionately social artist and documentary filmmaker that believes the best way to make a difference is to go out of our "established" ways of seeing and experiencing the world. I agree with Wade Davis that story telling and content that offer broader perspectives can create a difference. History has not been written, we make history with the choices and the stories we choose to tell. I'm the product of TED and Herzog, to me, if you have lived the world in a way, you would try to try to tell our story. I worked for TV and entertainment for more than 10 years, and I'm refusing my self to continue to produce garbage and meaningless programming.

Jason DeBose
Wed 28 Jul 2010Link

Greetings from Helsinki, I'm a California-born photographer based in Helsinki. Tomorrow I'll begin a 3-country journey that will land me at The Lemesos International Documentary Film Festival in Cyprus. There, a project I'm producing based in New York, entitled THE MUSIC NEVER DIES
(our trailer)

has been chosen to be a part of Docs Talk Cyprus, a 2-day pitch forum held within the festival. I'm three planes away, but am definitely looking forward to the project getting to take some meetings – we're now pulling for a co-production as we are ~40% funded with a budget of ~$250k.

Doug Block
Thu 29 Jul 2010Link

JD, Rich, Yogesh, Ana and Jason, a warm welcome to you all. You're coming here so fast and furious it's hard to keep up with the greetings.

John Burgan
Thu 29 Jul 2010Link

In reply to yogesh 's post on Wed 28 Jul 2010 :

What Doug said. Hey Yogesh, be sure to fill in your profile with your full name – D-Worders like to know who they're talking to.

Daniel Raim
Thu 29 Jul 2010Link

Hi All—

A little about me:
I’ve been making documentaries in Los Angeles for the last 13 years – mainly films about a dying breed of old Hollywood art directors and cinematographers who I find inspiring as people as well as artists.
Some of my credits include, “Something’s Gonna Live,” which world premiered at the 2009 AFI FEST and is a follow-up to my first documentary, “The Man on Lincoln’s Nose" (2001 Oscar-nominated, Short Subject). Currently, I’m in post-production on a new film that will complete the trilogy of docs on old-Hollywood filmmakers.
Ross McElwee and Abbas Kiarostami are some of my cinema heroes. One of my favorite quotes from Kiarostami is something along the lines of: “Try to make your documentary like a fiction film, and your fiction film like a documentary."
Thanks to everyone who helps maintain this wonderful website. I look forward to meeting new folks on The D-Word!

Edited Thu 29 Jul 2010 by Daniel Raim

Doug Block
Thu 29 Jul 2010Link

Greetings and welcome to The D-Word, Daniel. Ross McElwee has been a huge influence on my work, as well.

Daniel Raim
Thu 29 Jul 2010Link

Thanks, Doug. Great to be here! Any word on a release date for Ross McElwee's new film, "In Paraguay"?

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