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Joe Cultrera
Wed 31 Mar 2010Link

Hi Joanne-
All hail the Ashland Indie Fest!!

Funny how the subject of HoG just won't go away, huh? I guess it's clearly no longer an "American problem," which is how the Vatican tried to explain it away before.

Jim Crum
Fri 2 Apr 2010Link

Hi, I have been producing and directing documentaries since –can't be true! – the early sixties back in the days when network owned TV stations were fearful enough about losing their valuable franchise on the public airwaves that they put some of their ill gotten gains into what used to be called Public Affairs programming. Was a fantastic opportunity for a guy right out of Journalism school to learn and learn fast. At WCAU in Philadelphia we had a weekly doc series, four major documentary specials a year, three shooters and three editors and won our share of Peabodys, Ohio State, Emmys and film festival awards. Moved on to Westinghouse station in San Francisco to head up a four man unit that produced four or five documentaries a year, where I got my first Steenbeck editing experience. Since then spent too many years producing and directing syndicated magazine formats with doc segments and couple of reality based kids shows for syndication and PBS.
Couple of years ago formed JC Productions, fancy name for a one man band, writer-producer-director, DV shooting, Premiere and Avid editing – producing affordable short documentaries for non profits like the Salvation Army and Make a Wish group Sunshine Kids Foundation and non profit housing developers.
Right now taking a big leap, self financing a process documentary on a LA African American Dance Company's production of a ballet based on Laurence Dunbar poem about having to "Wear the Mask" to get by in the white world.
Exploring non profit status thru the IDA but finding funders is a whole new ballgame to me, love to find a co producer who is a pro.

Doug Block
Sat 3 Apr 2010Link

Welcome aboard the good ship D-Word, Jim, and good luck with your funding.

Marina Pessoa
Mon 5 Apr 2010Link

Hi, I'm Marina, and I'm a producer in Brazil. Now I'm producing a documentary film wich has footage in Lima, Peru; Washington and Michigan, US. Wolud like to recive informations about procedures filming in these cities. Mainly about Temporary Importation, because of the equipaments My directors will take.

Cory Kelley
Mon 5 Apr 2010Link

Hey D-Word types,

I just joined up after leaving my job as a Interactive Creative Director in advertising. My background is in documentary film making and motion graphics. I've got lots of ideas in the works and am writing proposals and treatments like crazy right now. I am really interested in the potential of interactive, non-linear story telling in documentary. If you are into the interactive possibilities as well, hit me up. Interactive story telling is the wild west right now and anything can happen. I'd love to kick ideas around.

Doug Block
Mon 5 Apr 2010Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Marina and Cory. Glad you found us.

Andy Schocken
Sat 10 Apr 2010Link

Cory, there's a solid d-word crew in Seattle- keep an eye on the "face 2 face" topic for the next get together, or suggest one yourself. Beer always seems to go over well with them.

Cianna Stewart
Sun 11 Apr 2010Link

Hi Cory – I'd love to talk with you further about this. I've been thinking about non-linear storytelling and interactive possibilities a lot on my own and then was extra buzzed after having a great chat with my friend, Elan Lee, and also attending a couple wonderful panels at SXSW. I'm also currently plotting out an interactive project to complement the doc I'm currently producing. Drop me an email or call to talk about storytelling anytime.

Jasper Morgan
Mon 12 Apr 2010Link

Hello D-Wordians!

I'm just getting my feet wet in the world of documentary and, lacking a formal education in the field, I'm starting very much from scratch. So I hope there is some space here for a someone with training-wheels.

My ambition is to transform how tourists experience a place by using documentary story-telling to create engaging and informative multi-media guides. Kind of like your guide-book on steroids.

For example, I want the tourists standing outside Buckingham Palace in London to see more than just concrete and marching soldiers. What is the history of the building? How did it become the symbolic seat of the monarchy? What is it's significance in Britain's history? Why is it relevant today?

I think a guide presented as an historical documentary can be an exciting way for tourists to learn about their surroundings – one that is more appealing than the standard-issue guide book.

I am from an (IT) technical background so I feel pretty comfortable about content delivery. However, content creation is going to be a challenge. At the moment the largest hurdle seems to be sources of affordable footage and stills. Getty/Corbis etc. have scary prices for someone without corporate backing. It would be great to hear if there are any other sources of material for historical documentary makers.

John Norby
Mon 12 Apr 2010Link

Hi all,

What a wonderful site! I am a screenwriter and freelance journalist based in Derry in the north of Ireland. My passion is movies, documentaries and music. I am currently conducting research for my third movie script (recently finished the final polish of my first script with my second on its third draft). I have a few ideas for documentary films / series that I have been developing (only really in subject research for now) and am currently finding out the best ways to get the first project underway – getting a team together, getting it financed, getting it picked up etc. It will be great to hook up with some like-minded souls on here, and I look forward to getting in touch with some of you soon.

All the best,

Doug Block
Mon 12 Apr 2010Link

Welcome, Jasper and John. Very ambitious project, Jasper, and hugely expensive, I'd imagine. Hard to see proceeding without corporate backing, or someone like Lonely Planet. Or, hell, maybe even Google. John, it's a little late to go to the pitching sessions at the Toronto Documentary Forum as an observer, but keep IDFA in mind for November. A very valuable way to meet broadcasters and learn what kind of projects they're seeking. And how others go about financing their docs.

John Norby
Mon 12 Apr 2010Link

Thanks Doug! I would love to check some of those out. Sadly, being based in Ireland, it's not as easy to get to those over on Canada. There's never anything like that here in Ireland. But, I shall do my best to seek some out!

Mark Hood
Tue 13 Apr 2010Link

Hello, everyone! I am currently in production of a feature length documentary about the different viewpoints at play with revitalizing urban neighborhoods.
I am filming here in Cincinnati OH USA. My film focuses a great deal on the legacy of the late social activist Buddy Gray. One aspect of significance with my project in today's world of documentary filmmaking is that I am shooting with super16mm film rather than video. This aesthetic is very important to me for this project.
I joined D-Word because I want to 'go public' with the project and learn how to make the most of available resources and best-practices. I am ready to start applying for grants and could really use some guidance in this area.

Thank you!

Mark Hood

Doug Block
Tue 13 Apr 2010Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Mark. Feel free to register for full membership, which will give you access to the vast majority of discussion topics.

Sahand Sahebdivani
Thu 15 Apr 2010Link

Hi John, IDFA's in Amsterdam. AirLingus tickets, when ordered in advance, cost nothing (you can get a roundtrip for under 100 euros)

Kaoru Wang
Fri 16 Apr 2010Link

Hi I'm a first time documentary filmmaker and I was hoping to get some example of grant applications that have been funded and ideas for style and distinct visual/technical elements. Also will be interested in which documentary film festivals are your favorites. Thanks!

michael gatti
Sun 18 Apr 2010Link

Hello, I am michael gatti trying to make a documentary and well getting funding is kicking my arse right now. My so called 'production company' is Max Ham Productions and I am out of Derry, N.H

Doug Block
Sun 18 Apr 2010Link

welcome to the d-word, michael. most everyone's getting their arse's kicked these days, join the club.

Eliaichi Kimaro
Sun 18 Apr 2010Link

Hi everyone, I'm a long time fan/recently turned Member of the D-Word. I'm a first time doc filmmaker as well, and feel fortunate to say that after 7 unbelievable years, my personal doc--A Lot Like You--is finally enterring its home stretch.

My friend Basil, whom many of you know, helped us design our movie website (, which contains our latest trailer. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on our trailer and/or the website, which we are currently beta testing...

What a tremendous resource this is. Thank you all for being here!!!!!

Tailinh Agoyo
Sun 18 Apr 2010Link

In reply to Cory Fisher's post on Thu 11 Feb 2010 :

Hi Cory. You should check out They have alot of great information, webinars, teleseminars, budget templates, distribution contact information, etc. to help you get started with your own documentary. Good luck!

Kiira Benzing
Mon 19 Apr 2010Link

Hello All:

I am new here to the D-Word and currently in production on a feature-length doc about an inspiring medical maverick.

We're looking for a DP. Is this the best place to post for this or perhaps under another topic? I can include a synopsis and where interested DPs can contact us.

Cheers all!!

Doug Block
Mon 19 Apr 2010Link

Welcome, Kiira. The Classifieds topic is the place to post for a DP. Good luck with your project.

Theresa Loong
Mon 19 Apr 2010Link

I don't know what took me so long to join!

I am a filmmaker and interactive media professional (web site strategy, redesigns and most recently, managing an interactive toy platform for children).

Currently, I am in rough cut stages of a film called "Every Day Is a Holiday," a character-driven documentary about a WWII prisoner-of-war who also happens to be my father.

I recently attended Loni Ding's NYC memorial – I did not know her, but knew of her work and I have friends who were her students.

Look forward to meeting everyone.

Christopher Wong
Tue 20 Apr 2010Link

welcome theresa! always great to have another asian american documentary filmmaker in the D-Word...

Phoebe Brown
Tue 20 Apr 2010Link

Hey Ya'll!

I'm a filmmaker in Atlanta, GA. I have a short in the finals of the International Doc Challenge and will be at Hot Docs. If anyone else is going to be in Toronto...Holla! I've got a bunch of stuff cooking--and here's my last film's website Excited to be a new member of the d-word. Also in pre-production (and soon to be production) on a feature doc shooting in India. Would love any "words to the wise" from anyone whose worked or working in India.

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