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Lindsey Pearce
Tue 9 Mar 2010Link

Hello I heard about this site from one of my professors. I figured I would check it out. Hope to learn a lot! Thanks!

Jeremy Weinstein
Tue 9 Mar 2010Link

Just an update on the Docummunity project I mentioned here about a year ago – well it now has a blog that talks about collaborative media and documentary with the hope of building a small but dedicated group of filmmakers who are interested in the idea of a collaborative documentary. The link is comments about anything and everything are welcomed!!

Doug Block
Tue 9 Mar 2010Link

Welcome, Lindsey and welcome back, Jeremy. Helpful stuff on your blog, well done.

Dustin Grella
Wed 10 Mar 2010Link

Hey all! I was just at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival and every conversation was d-word this and d-word that. I thought people were trying to talk about something without letting me know what it was, The 'D' Word... Over the course of the weekend I figured it out though, and my paranoia passed.

Christopher Wong
Wed 10 Mar 2010Link

welcome, dustin! really enjoyed your film (PRAYERS FOR PEACE) at the Sebastopol Film Fest. beautifully animated, simply narrated, with a powerfully emotional ending. jury award well deserved!

(btw, make sure you apply for full membership with the D-Word so that you get access to all the other topics...)

Anna Rodgers
Wed 10 Mar 2010Link

So Dustin joined the cult ;) Yipeee! Loved your film too. Absolutely beautiful. You should put info on it up on the films page here.

Doug Block
Wed 10 Mar 2010Link

Welcome, Dustin. By all means apply for full membership here . Then we dance in a circle and suck your blood.

Jason Perdue
Wed 10 Mar 2010Link

Dustin, great to see you here. You will be talking mysteriously about the D-word soon enough too.

Ron Osgood
Wed 10 Mar 2010Link

Dustin – I'm looking forward to seeing more of your animation and keeping in touch via D-Word

Erica Ginsberg
Thu 11 Mar 2010Link

Hey Dustin, good to see you in D-Word and glad to see your film is continuing its festival run. Congrats on another well-deserved award.

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