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Alessandro Gallo
Tue 16 Feb 2010Link

In reply to Piers Sanderson's post on Thu 11 Feb 2010 21:16 UTC : i din't find any other email address, i wrote you on @highonhope does that work? thank you

Doug Block
Tue 16 Feb 2010Link

Welcome, Jennifer. How have you been supporting yourself all these years? Do you do other doc work for pay? Or do you have, like, a real job?

Ben Dorf
Tue 16 Feb 2010Link

Hi there from the Tribeca Cinemas Presents: Doc Series 2010!

From the team behind the Tribeca Film Festival, Tribeca Cinemas Presents: Doc Series is an exciting new series of interesting, innovative and thought-provoking documentary films. Join us every other Monday night at Tribeca Cinemas for another must-see film.

This bi-weekly series represents a powerful and varied mix of overlooked gems, out-of-print and cult classics, niche audience favorites, and seminal works that have helped to shape the non-fiction film landscape.

While dealing with a wide variety of subjects, each film has both connected with its core audience and resonated with a broader audience that isn’t always associated with traditional documentary film. In short, Tribeca Cinemas Presents: Doc Series is here to bring you the must-sees of documentary cinema.

2.22.10: Dark Days

3.8.10: Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

3.22.10: Nerdcore Rising

Tickets are $10, $8 for seniors and students with a valid ID and can be purchased online.

All TC Doc Series screenings start at 7:30 pm at Tribeca Cinemas, 54 Varick Street (at Laight, one block south of Canal).

Share a cocktail with your fellow doc lovers before or after each screening in the Tribeca Cinemas bar!

We look forward to seeing you at the movies.

John Burgan
Tue 16 Feb 2010Link

Tribeca Cinemas / Ben Dorf – you are welcome to post here, but please note that you are only able to join The D-Word as an individual using your own, "real world" name. Tribeca Cinemas is fine as a username, but you still have to include your full name (not initials) in your profile.

Pliers Sanderson
Wed 17 Feb 2010Link

In response to Alessandro i have sent you an email so you now have my address.

James Cornelio
Fri 19 Feb 2010Link

Hi All:

I have joined D-Word as an “Enthusiast” because, frankly, I have an idea for a Documentary film, and a (small) amount of seed money should I find a filmmaker with a shared vision. My idea was born from a life which, for the past several years at least, has been dramatic. I started my search for a filmmaker at the top, by contacting academy award nominees/winners from the past several years. That effort bought me almost an hour on the phone with Ross Kauffman (an award winner) and a request for my book from two others who had been nominated. This is the (form of the) email which generated that interest:

"I am a former Manhattan attorney and a registered sex offender. Through a book I wrote about my crime [SEE 1 AND 2 AND 3 and other efforts, I am attempting to offer a perspective on this highly-charged issue which I believe society ignores to its detriment. The roadblocks have been enormous.

As a documentary filmmaker who explores social issues, if there were an approach for a film on sex offending which is worthy and unique, would you spend a few moments of your time? If you would, I’d love the opportunity to share with you some thoughts I’ve developed as a result of life experiences I never dreamed possible."

Though not impossible that I’ll “get the call” from one of them, I didn’t need to be told that their options are vast. So, I figured I’d be proactive again and post this to see if any filmmakers who’d like to be nominated for an academy award may be interested. There’s a lot more story to tell. Even if not, suggestions on how to contact a filmmaker who may be would be appreciated.

Jim Cornelio

Chip Grabow
Mon 22 Feb 2010Link

Hi all

I'm thrilled to have discovered The D-Word via Doculink.

I am a longtime fan of the doc form. But after an initial foray into doc work after college, I took a 20 year detour into public radio, working as a producer for NPR News. I am excited to get back to my original goal and am now actively seeking to apply my journalism and storytelling skills to the doc world, specifically editing.

I am a recent grad of the Tech Center's Art of Editing class (Hi Rachel!) and loved working on the doc project there, Sally Rowe's film about New York chef, Paul Liebrandt.

I am now seeking editing projects in the LA area. I hope to meet and share info with more of the D-Word members. Thanks!

Chip Grabow

Doug Block
Mon 22 Feb 2010Link

Welcome, Chip and Jim. Good to have you find your way here.

Edited Mon 22 Feb 2010 by Doug Block

Chip Grabow
Mon 22 Feb 2010Link

Thanks Doug. And a correction – I meant to write, "I am a recent grad of The Edit Center's Art of Editing class in NYC." Hi to all TECAlums on the D-Word.

David Herman
Mon 22 Feb 2010Link

why do I feel that James will not be around for long? James, maybe it's different in a lawyers' world (shan't speak for the other world you claim membership in) but people are not highly appreciative of someone coming into a club and claiming to want to speak only to those who might have won the top award in the industry or offering others the chance to do so with your help. Here we tend to respect and honour all our members and their achievements and take an interest in one another without first checking their claims to fame. And, of course, I speak only for myself.

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