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khuram Javed
Fri 8 Jan 2010Link

Its amazing site and search engine .I realy appreciate the team of d-word.I hope that i will fulfil my craetive satisfection and find professionals those really share with me the latest topics aboot PAKISTAN LATEST development againt war on terrorism i can help all members those who really want to produce a documentary on PAKISTAN .

Susan Harris
Sat 9 Jan 2010Link

I'm a garden writer venturing into telling stories with video (my first, amateurish attempts are on Youtube under "GardenerSusan"). Have upgraded my camera, am learning Premiere Elements 8, and am enrolled in a Doc Production course at Docs in Progress in Silver Spring, MD.

Ultimately my goal is to produce short videos of the Gardens of Washington D.C. Month by Month of sufficient quality to find sponsors in the tourism business or elsewhere.

Doug Block
Sun 10 Jan 2010Link

Welcome, Susan. Sounds like you're taking all the right steps. Good luck with reaching your goal.

Randy Lee
Sun 10 Jan 2010Link

Hello all,

My name is Randy Lee I am 24 and in the process of starting a Video Production company focusing on Documentaries. I've edited one feature-length doc before, (Mark My Words, which the producer is currently submitting to festivals), and have worked on others in a variety of capacities. I also have 3 years experience working for a Video Production Company in Madison, WI, and I am looking for a place for resources to make sure that I am on the right track to help change the world. I'm a shooter / editor / tech guy, and really need to either find producers to work with, or else pick up yet another set up skills and start producing, too...

Doug Block
Sun 10 Jan 2010Link

This is a good place to do that, Randy. Feel free to register for full membership if you want access to all the discussion topics.

Jan Selby
Wed 13 Jan 2010Link

Hello, My name is Jan Selby. I am a former independent marketing consultant who has turned away from the traditional life to make my way as a documentary producer and director. I co-founded a documentary video production company in 2007 (Darn Good Documentaries) in St. Paul, MN, USA. In this company, I am primarily a producer. I'm also working on learning to edit using FCP. I recently directed my first short doc (A CIRCLE AND THREE LINES about the history of the peace symbol) which has been accepted at three film festivals so far in 2010. My goal is to continue to learn about all aspects of documentary filmmaking. I'm glad to offer members my experience in marketing and entreprenuership.

Jo-Anne Velin
Wed 13 Jan 2010Link

What a great topic for a short, Jan. Can one see this on-line anywhere (legally)? Welcome.

Sahand Sahebdivani
Wed 13 Jan 2010Link

Hi Jan, welcome. It's funny, when you wrote a circle and three lines the first thing that came to my mind was the anarchist symbol. I guess I should hang around less with squatters.

Jason Perdue
Wed 13 Jan 2010Link

Welcome Jan. A CIRCLE AND THREE LINES will be screening in Sebastopol in March.

Chris Daliendo
Wed 13 Jan 2010Link

Hey guys, my name is Chris (or Christian) and I'm trying to get into documentary film making after I got my degree in Film from USC. I most recently saw Mai Iskander's, "Garbage Dreams" at the IFC Center in Manhattan and thought it was a spectacular film! I'm glad it got the DGA nomination yesterday! Has anyone else seen it?

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