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Introduce Yourself: Sign In Here First

Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

Please note that this is one of our Public Topics, so best to enter email addresses with (at) to prevent them being harvested. Spam will be deleted.

Joy-Marie Scott
Tue 1 Dec 2009Link

Hi Sonja, welcome! Do make sure your filmmakers know about the International Call production fund. There's a deadline coming up in February. If you have any questions, send me an email.

Christopher Reed
Wed 2 Dec 2009Link

Hello everyone,

I am the new Online Project Coordinator at, the MEDIA sponsored social networking site for European documentary professionals. If you have any suggestions or questions for the site, please let me know.

We are beginning another round of programming and so some new features are slated for the next few months. Training Initiatives and Festivals will be able to manage their own information, and Funding Groups will be able to create their own funding guides. We are also looking to improve our wiki ( so if you teach a documentary class and are a looking for a good assignment for your students please get in touch me.

I am also going to be chronicling some things that I think will be useful for the documentary community on a site here ( Guides, news, etc. Maybe interviews too. We will see.

Looking forward to getting to know the community a bit better,

Doug Block
Wed 2 Dec 2009Link

Welcome, Christopher. We don't encourage double posts, but feel free to re-post your note about the wiki in the Teaching Docs topic. Good luck with all your reelisor initiatives, they sound great.

M Beatrix Mugishagwe
Wed 2 Dec 2009Link

Hello everyone!
I am Beatrix Mugishagwe, a producer/director from Tanzania. Currently I am producing a series called Unsung Heroines – African Female Leaders.
I am excited to join you since being in this business in my part of the world it can be real lonely.

Carlo Brescia
Thu 3 Dec 2009Link

Hi everyone!
I am currently producing an ethnographic doc in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru. Last June I filmed a short doc about a skater in Berlin and in 2007 I wrote and produced a series of 4 short documentaries about families living at different altitudes in the Andes. I also produce other types of cultural products like magazines, photo books and music.
Hope to learn more about filmmaking and share the little I know in this community.
Best best.

Doug Block
Thu 3 Dec 2009Link

Welcome, Beatrix and Carlo. Feel free to register for full membership here, which will give you access to all of our discussion topics. It's where the pros hang out. And it's free.

Kate Barden Maloney
Thu 3 Dec 2009Link Tag

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the site and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kate, I recently moved to the Seattle area from NYC. I specialize in rights and clearances. If anyone ever needs and advice regarding licensing of 3rd party content (music, images, footage, etc...) please drop me a line.

I'm looking forward to being a part of the D-Word world!


Marj Safinia
Thu 3 Dec 2009Link

Welcome, Kate. There must be an echo in here :)

Doug Block
Fri 4 Dec 2009Link

Nice to have you here, Kate, and to offer the benefit of your knowledge. Hope you'll participate on other topics, as well.

Ashley Sabin
Fri 4 Dec 2009Link

Hello D-Word,
Been meaning to join for a while now and with much urging from Josh Weinstein (Flying on One Engine). Well the day has finally come! I look forward to exploring the site and following conversations. My partner David Redmon and I make documentaries (Mardi Gras: Made in China, Intimidad, Kamp Katrina and Invisible Girlfriend).

A year and a half ago we started the distribution branch of our production company Carnivalesque Films. Carnivalesque Films now distributes all of our productions and also other gems including, Orphans, Manhattan, KS, Holy Modal Rounders: Bound to Lose, The New Year Parade, and Woodpecker.

Looking forward to discussing issues and connecting with other documentary folks!


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