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Introduce Yourself: Sign In Here First

Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Vera Moonpig
Fri 23 Oct 2009Link

Hello folks,

I am a student studying at the University of the Arts, London. I've just signed up because I'm working on a short documentary for uni and in the very early planning stages of another documentary I am making outside of class. Just wanted to say hi really and possibly meet some like minded people!

Hope you're all well

Edited Fri 23 Oct 2009 by Vera Moonpig

Phillip David Yisrael
Fri 23 Oct 2009Link

In reply to Hans Bosscher's post on Tue 20 Oct 2009 :

Hi Hans, I wonder if you could guide me in the right direction when it comes to pitching my idea for a documentary about a Dutch sporting team (not professional) that is travelling to the Middle East to compete against local teams. I think the subject will have high interest in The Netherlands and even internationally.
I hope to hear from you.

Jill Woodward
Fri 23 Oct 2009Link

Phil, I would consider volunteering at IDFA which is a good networking opportunity and chance to see a lot of great docs in exchange for your labor (it's a pretty big time commitment. I have heard that if you volunteer for IDFA's pitching forum you can get a front row seat into that process pitching for commissioning editors.

Doug Block
Fri 23 Oct 2009Link

Welcome to The D-Word Matthew, Phillip and Terri. Good luck with your various projects.

Nick Verbitsky
Fri 23 Oct 2009Link

In reply to Kevin McGill's post on Mon 19 Oct 2009 :

Welcome, Kevin. I'm just up the road from you in Norwalk, CT....

Sahand Sahebdivani
Sat 24 Oct 2009Link

You guys'll be happy to know the sneak peak of Chihiro's Mooch-Me project premiered in the New Mezrab.

Jillian Glantz
Sun 25 Oct 2009Link

Hello Everyone!

I am new to the doc world, but loving it! I am currently in development on a feature length music doc and looking for a producing partner, so if anyone has any advice, my ears are open!


Leo Tafuri
Mon 26 Oct 2009Link

Hi there guys!!
God save the doc!!!
Hug fou everyone!!

Fabrizio Fantini
Mon 26 Oct 2009Link

Hi everyone, I joined d-word a few days ago and now introduce myself! I'm an italian producer/director and I work with my partner Chiara on my company LaDamaSognatrice_audiovisual productions in HD.
On 2009 I working for a new documentary in high definition and I looking for a french coproduction.
See you on line.

Doug Block
Mon 26 Oct 2009Link

Great to have you here, Fabrizio. Thanks for introducing yourself. And a big welcome to Jillian and Leo, as well.

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