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Faraz Mohammad
Sun 8 Mar 2009Link

Hi, My name is Faraz Mohammed, I am very new to Documentary film making. and I have recently moved to India from NY and I will be in India for few months. I am looking to meet with some documentary film makers and get some experience. I will appreciate it if anyone can introduce me to people working making documentaries in the Indian subcontinent.

Juergen Czwienk
Sun 8 Mar 2009Link

In reply to Faraz Mohammed's post on Sun 8 Mar 2009 :

Sorry, but Inda is not on my screen. I only will have a film in Jaipur for the film festival in july. Juergen

Ben Kempas
Mon 9 Mar 2009Link

Juergen – If you're referring to the post right before yours, there's no need to use the "in reply to" line. We only do that when linking to earlier posts. Everything else is an ongoing conversation.

Faraz – Welcome. You can connect to other Enthusiasts and Members of The D-Word by using the People link on the top of the page, and then searching for India.

Michelle Ferrari
Mon 9 Mar 2009Link

Hello to all. I'm an NYC-based filmmaker, currently making the leap from writing and story editing to directing, and ever so slightly nervous about it. I confess that I generally tend toward the Luddite and non-virtual, but a good friend of mine, who is an active and zealous member, told me D-Word "rocks" – and after trolling around a bit, I'm inclined to agree with him. Looking forward to getting to know you.

Doug Block
Tue 10 Mar 2009Link

Same here, Michelle. We do tend to have a fair share of F2F's in NYC, often built around the Stranger Than Fiction series on Tuesday nights at the IFC Theater. So speak up if you're thinking of going and I'm sure more than a few members will be happy to interact with you non-virtually. In the meantime, welcome aboard.

Edited Tue 10 Mar 2009 by Doug Block

Nick Verbitsky
Wed 11 Mar 2009Link

Hi guys,

I'm working on a feature length doc on the collapse of Bear Stearns and am in post-production on 2 TV docs focusing on male vics of domestic violence as well as an investigative piece on Polygamy. Along w/my little brother, I run Blue Chip Films in CT.

Mark Kendall
Thu 12 Mar 2009Link

Hey everyone,

I'm usually more of a reader than a poster when it comes to "virtual" communities, but this site seems really awesome. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I'm a documentary filmmaker currently based in Nashville, TN. I started shooting docs while living abroad in Bolivia during my time in graduate school, and my first film about a network of indigenous filmmakers there had some successes on the festival circuit so I've managed to keep my momentum and continue pursuing stories that interest me. I was the personal videographer for Wynonna Judd for a while, and now I'm doing some work with the Nashville Film Festival. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better, and maybe even crossing the digital divide...

Nicola Lees
Thu 12 Mar 2009Link

I've worked in factual TV for 10 years, mainly specializing in developing science/history/lifestyle programmes for channels in the UK and USA. I'm now running TV Mole, which is a website dedicated to helping people originate, develop and pitch their non-fiction shows.

Ben Kempas
Thu 12 Mar 2009Link

Nicola – welcome to The D-Word, and please see my comments on TV Mole (great name!) in our Discovery Campus: Docu Series discussion. And please turn yourself into a Member already, will you? :-)

Mark – great to have you on board. I guess I'll see you in April during the Nashville Film Festival then? (Nashville deserves all the credit for making Al Gore watch my film...)

Ben Kempas
Thu 12 Mar 2009Link

Oh, and Nick, I didn't mean to overlook you (maybe you should upload a picture, haha). Welcome to The D-Word.

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