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Doug Block
Tue 17 Feb 2009Link

Welcome, Sailesh. Best thing you can do is spend some time reading the various through the various topics here and use the search engine and tags to get at specific questions you might have. There's a handy Help function that will explain things, too, if need be.

Matthew Dougherty
Tue 17 Feb 2009Link

Hi All – I've worked on a few documentaries before as editor and composer, but am making my first as a director/producer now and am looking for different resources and communities to help answer some of the questions and snags I'll encounter along the way.
I'm in the grant writing stage of the process now...
looking forward to participating here.
Matthew Dougherty

Doug Block
Tue 17 Feb 2009Link

Can't imagine running into snags, Matthew. Producing is so easy, especially in this economy. But we'll try to untangle what we can. Welcome aboard.

Yixi Villar
Wed 18 Feb 2009Link

In reply to Marj Safinia's post on Fri 6 Feb 2009 :
Marj thank you soo much, this has been of great help to us..

Andrew McKay
Wed 18 Feb 2009Link

Dear Citizens of D,

I'm producing and directing my first documentary, "To Them That's Gone", along with three partners. The film is about the Run for the Fallen, an apolitical memorial project that traveled across America last summer to honor service members killed in the Iraq War. We are now in post-production and the fundraising continues.

I'm proud to say we just launched our website and new promo piece at I'd be honored if you would watch the piece, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated (email below).

My prior experience includes picking up a few tricks while assisting Doug Block for a stretch, during the production of "51 Birch Street"; and assisting/shooting additional footage on "Jacques d'Amboise in China", which recently aired on HBO.

It's good to be here!


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Brendan Cusack
Wed 18 Feb 2009Link


Your project looks very powerful. Good luck during the post process! I'll send you an e-mail with a couple names that are in your area that could be helpful to you.

Doug Block
Wed 18 Feb 2009Link

Welcome aboard (finally), Andrew! But you're only halfway in the process, and missing most of the discussion topics. So finish registering to become a full Member here

Nick Blair
Wed 18 Feb 2009Link

Hello, Everyone. After a small break, I'm back. The look of D-Word has changed a bit (for the better I'm sure). I commute into DC from Md (60 miles each way). I work for the Govt during the week (a steady paycheck) and help those that I can, any chance I get. I've 20 + yrs experience and if I don't know something, I probably know someone who does. Wishing you all the best.

Pierre Samuel Rioux
Wed 18 Feb 2009Link

Hi, my name is Pierre Samuel Rioux, do not expecting a perfect English from me... i am a French Canadian native.
This is my project i am working on.
Guédelon le chantier médiéval.
I am a Quebecer but i shot this film in France... It's about a group of man and women building a 13e century castle today the way they do it at this time. The doc have 50 minutes running time. I like to follow this adventure and try to find the way to do a kind of co production.The first one it's made and it's in the final post.
This is wy i am here, i am also a member and
a member this one is about people how using Russian lens lomo and Camera.

Dustan Lewis McBain
Thu 19 Feb 2009Link

does anyone know where i could find a website for foley art or sound effects>

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