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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Erica Ginsberg
Fri 2 Jan 2009Link

I'll let Adele know you want to be considered for March and I guess you spilled the beans on something I wanted to announce in the Member's Websites topic so follow me there.

Issar Shulman
Mon 5 Jan 2009Link

Hi everybody
my name is Issar Shulman,I'm a musician.I do specially like documentary movies and for the music I wrote for the film "To die in Jerusalem" I was nominated for an Emmy award in September 2008.
I had a great experience working with HBO,editor Geof Bartz and director Hilla Medalia.that is the cause for my decision to move to NY in March and try to make as much connections I can.
you can hear some of my music in my web site

hope for inspiring collaboration in the documentary realm and feel free to ask me for music suggestions if you are looking for music to your movies.

Mike Shum
Mon 5 Jan 2009Link

In reply to Issar Shulman's post on Mon 5 Jan 2009 :

Welcome Issar! I just listened to your samples. Very impressive. I'm positive you'll be making connections here. In my opinion this is one of, if not, the best forum for documentary filmmakers/musicians/whatever out there.

Issar Shulman
Mon 5 Jan 2009Link

thank you Michael that was really fast I've just found this site thanks again

Ben Kempas
Mon 5 Jan 2009Link

Welcome, Issar, and thank you for the praise, Michael.

Who else is out there who has been meaning to introduce themselves? ;-)

Tessa Moran
Mon 5 Jan 2009Link

Hello everyone! I've been producing documentaries for a couple of years with d-word member Ben Crosbie, but have only just now joined the forum! I'm looking forward to connecting with other people who share my passion.

John Burgan
Mon 5 Jan 2009Link

A passion and a magnificent obsession!

Doug Block
Mon 5 Jan 2009Link

Good to have you here, Tessa and Issar. Welcome.

Michal Stein
Tue 6 Jan 2009Link

In reply to Issar Shulman's post on Mon 5 Jan 2009 :

Hi,Issar, we are Russian cinema (not big)and music production company.Music for films – in our list.So we are interesting in cooperation.I`ll write you a letter this week.Your work is impressive.Michal Stein,

Chahid Charbel Akoury
Tue 6 Jan 2009Link

hello everybody, i am what this new year of 2009 had dragged in....

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