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James McNally
Tue 25 Nov 2008Link

Wow, it's been so long since I visited that I don't even know if I ever posted in this forum. And it isn't clear how to find all my older posts, either.

In any case, I'm James McNally, a film blogger located in Toronto. I have been blogging since 2000, and established a dedicated film blog, Toronto Screen Shots ( in spring 2007, incorporating all the writing I'd been doing about film on my other blog.

I have been attending TIFF for almost 15 years, and Hot Docs for the past five, and have a strong interest in covering documentary film. As the blog has become more established, I've had the chance to cover more festivals, both locally and even internationally (SXSW and most recently, the Reykjavik International Film Festival).

Though I'm not sure I actually qualify as a full-fledged member, I must have snuck in somehow, and I appreciate having such direct access to the many many talented filmmakers here on D-Word.

Hopefully, I will get to talk with some of you about your projects, both here and potentially on the blog.

Doug Block
Wed 26 Nov 2008Link

Glad you snuck in here while we were sleeping, James ;-) I suspect we'll be glad you did. Welcome.

Le Sheng Liu
Thu 27 Nov 2008Link

In reply to Kim Ware's post on ATLANTA :

Interesting!!! I don't believe I've heard much about the doc community in the South, except in the case of Hurricane Katrina coverage, I suppose. The show I work on actually produced an episode about a family in Atlanta with a very troubled and unstable history within its household.

Edited Thu 27 Nov 2008 by Le Sheng Liu

Brent E. Watkins
Fri 28 Nov 2008Link

My name is Brent Watkins and I'm thrilled to have discovered this website. I've been a television writer, producer and director for 25 years. I graduated in 1984 from the University of Iowa School of Communications with an emphasis in film production. I have completed a documentary short called "The Heroes of Parlor Town" through funding from Humanities Iowa and the National Endowment for the Humanities. I'm currently producing two more feature documentaries (for details see I'm also in development with producer Vaughn Halyard ("Final Season", "Do the Right Thing") on a documentary about the devastating 2008 flood that ravaged my city earlier this year. I look forward to networking with fellow documentarians.

Doug Block
Fri 28 Nov 2008Link

Great having you here, Brent. Glad you discovered us.

Joanna Arnow
Sat 29 Nov 2008Link

Hi everyone,
My name is Joanna Arnow--this May I graduated from Wesleyan where I studied film. As my thesis, I directed and edited a twelve-minute documentary called "The Power of the Spoon." It's about challenges the food service worker's union at Wesleyan faced when the school switched from Aramark to a Compass subsidiary (this is why I'm holding a cafeteria tray in my profile pic). You can watch the film on my website

I've worked as an intern/production assistant on Augusta Palmer's "The Hand of Fatima" as well as Emily and Sarah Kunstler's "Disturbing The Universe." I also assisted with editing at Rumur Productions. And all of these filmmakers were Brooklyn based, holler!

These days I'm interning for Al Jazeera English Television at their UN bureau and writing script coverage on the side. My commitments are ending soon and I will again be looking for work in documentary production. So I will soon address you all again in the classifieds section, and in the mean time, hello.

Doug Block
Sat 29 Nov 2008Link

Hello back at ya, Joanna. Looks like you've been assisting on some fine work. We know all about Augusta's film and the Kuntsler doc promises to be fascinating. So, welcome aboard.

Douglas Dougan
Sat 29 Nov 2008Link

Hello everyone. Just thought I'd drop in to introduce myself. I'm Douglas Dougan (or Doug Doug to some people!). I'm based in the UK and found the D-Word through a mix of contacts. I'm friends with Lara, who has a sister company with Ben and I've met Doug Block too when he came to do a masterclass in Edinburgh. I don't know if you remember, Doug, we were making the short documentary about the girl with the terminal illness hiding out in the Scottish Highlands. I recall you liked the look of the cinematography we had. Anyway, the film has been doing quite well, we got nominated for a Scottish Documentary Award with it. Working now on bigger projects, one of which might be filming and co-produced in America. Looking forward to discussing it with people here on the site – co-production is a new game for me so I'm sure there will be a lot to talk about.

Doug Block
Sat 29 Nov 2008Link

Hi Doug Doug! Yes, I remember your short very well, it was quite extraordinary. So glad you've made your way to The D-Word at last. This will be a helpful resource for you in your co-production efforts and I'm sure you'll have very useful things to contribute, as well. All my best to Lara next time you see her.

Joe Scherrman
Sun 30 Nov 2008Link

Brent E. Watkins

I too have come to the conclusion life is simply too short not to return to my childhood dream.


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