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Doug Block
Wed 15 Oct 2014Link

Greetings, Kayla. Great to have you come out of lurker mode and posting here. And always nice to have some strong, youthful energy in the mix. Lucky you to have Danielle as a teacher, and lucky us to have you as a member.

Ravindra M.R.S.Naidu
Mon 20 Oct 2014Link

Salutations to all – me from Singapore – a documentary enthusiast, despite being an acdemic for 30 years, I discovered life is more than developing curriculum – as a vibrant traveller in South East Asia my new Canon EOS M was the instrument that propelled me to be a 'documentarist' – what my camera lens see is more than what my eyes see....Cheerio

Doug Block
Mon 20 Oct 2014Link

Cheerio, indeed, Ravindra. Welcome to The D-Word.

Ellen Brodsky
Tue 21 Oct 2014Link

In reply to Melissa Ludtke's post on Wed 15 Oct 2014 : Welcome to D-word Melissa – hope you check out the i-doc topic as well as crowd funding. You and your project have been mentioned in both!

Kevin Longa
Wed 29 Oct 2014Link

Hi D-Word folks! I'm Kevin – a filmmaker who loves to explore beyond the plate in front of me. Yep, I'm a food documentary filmmaker.

Currently I'm creating a documentary series about the true stories of food entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe. If you want to ask me a question – whether it be "What's a J-cut?" to "What's a PBJ sandwich?" – I'm all ears and hungry for more.

Jesse Yost
Wed 29 Oct 2014Link

Greets all -

First time docu project and my previous experience has been in shorts and 1 zero budget horror flick. We have a great topic with lots of regional interest and lots of material to work with.

Diving in here to sponge up the knowledge before I start flailing away with questions. :)

Susan Just
Wed 29 Oct 2014Link


I'm happy to have found this site and am eager to learn and share.

Also, thank you in advance for your wisdom, help & guidance.

Judy Van Wyk
Thu 30 Oct 2014Link

I've been a member for a while but this is the first time I've posted. I'm working on a profile of an Indian-American couple and am looking for a royalty free music license for music that's reflects the music of India but also works under narration in spots. Any idea which libraries have the best selection of world music?

Doug Block
Fri 31 Oct 2014Link

Greetings, Kevin, Jesse and Susan. Welcome to The D-Word.

And thanks for finally posting, Judy. Don't mean to be picky, especially as we want to encourage you to keep posting, but your question really belongs in The Mentoring Room, where more people will be on the lookout for it. We don't encourage double posting but, in this case, feel free to do that.

Judy Van Wyk
Fri 31 Oct 2014Link

Thanks for your pickiness. I'll be glad to double post in this case. To introduce myself more fully, I was a television producer for 10 years and recently finished my first documentary short. I love documentary but will never do another one all by my lonesome. It's just too much work without a partner. I'm looking forward to becoming a part of a community of filmmakers.

Doug Block
Sat 1 Nov 2014Link

Judy, in that case you should register here for Professional membership, which will give you access to all 40 of our discussion topics.

Simon Shearston
Wed 12 Nov 2014Link

Just to say Hi,

I made my first and only documentary in 2008, when I was living in Southern Spain (natural light was never a problem). Been into photography since I was 9 years old, but fancied telling a longer story - I was studying flamenco guitar at the time and my dear, late Dad saw something in me to buy me a DVX-100 and a Sennheiser wireless lav., so I dug in, although I had never filmed anything before.

The resulting DVD of my own guitar being built has sold many hundred copies since, so I am quite pleased as I only sell direct to a niche audience and did every aspect of the production & distribution myself. It's still selling steadily.

I now have a huge amount of respect for editing and subtitling :-)

You can read about it here, in all it's SD glory.

Anyway, it's been a while (I work as a freelance computer guy) and having sold most of my gear, I now have the itch to make another doc., probably in the same genre i.e. documenting things made by hand, by interesting people.

I have cobbled together a low budget setup with an old Canon 550D/Rebel 2ti, vintage 35mm lenses, Rode and a Zoom H1. Edit will be with FCP X on a Macbook Pro. That said, I am not really not into gear discussions. Been there and bought several expensive t-shirts. I am into the story, the shots, the characters, the edit and learning some more about audio.

Good to meet you all.

Edited Wed 12 Nov 2014 by Simon Shearston

Doug Block
Sat 15 Nov 2014Link

Glad to have you here, Simon.  As with Judy, you can register here for Professional membership which will give you access to those disucssion topics you're interested in.

Fahad Waliullah
6 days agoLink

I have no previous experience with documentary filmmaking. Mostly done uncredited editing jobs, for a few bucks. But now I am working on making a serious documentary on drugs in Bangladesh. I am originally from Sweden. I have done research and worked on this for 2 years. I am looking for people who are intrested in co-producing this documentary. I have an apartment, acces to people in all levels, but no equipment, and no funds. I am looking for somebody to help me doing interviews. And have proper interviewing equipment. And I promise anybody getting aboard, this will be an awesome experience.

I can be contacted at fahadw [at] kth. se

Erik Greenberg Anjou
6 days agoLink

It's great to be part of the community. Doug, congrats on your award!

Niam Itani
6 days agoLink

Welcome, Fahad and Erik!

Doug Block
5 days agoLink

Thanks, Erik.  Indeed, good to have you and Fahad here with us.

Walter V. Marshall
4 days agoLink

Welcome Fahad and Erik

Fahad Waliullah
4 days agoLink

Thank you very much.

Fletcher Beasley
2 days agoLink


I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself. I am Los Angeles based film composer/sound editor/mixer who loves docs. I really appreciate the passion and commitment of this community.

I recently composed the music for “Heavenly Bodies”, beautiful documentary on the artist, Stephen Arnold. I also mixed and cleaned up the dialogue on the film.

Here is a link to the score for “Heavenly Bodies”: 

If I can be of help, in any capacity, with the sound or music for your film, please let me know.

All the best,

Fletcher Beasley



Doug Block
1 day agoLink

 Welcome aboard, Fletcher.  Heavenly music, indeed.

Fletcher Beasley
1 day agoLink

In reply to Doug Block's post on Fri 21 Nov 2014:

Thanks for listening Doug! Great website. I'm glad I found out about it. Wonderful community here.


Fereshta Kazemi
about 19 hours agoLink

Hello all, I am an Afghan-American Actress and Documentary and Narrative Filmmaker. Glad to be here. I am currently doing an online fundraiser for my film, The Spaces Between, on Indiegogo. I am also working offline for fundraising. Please let know how I can share more about my project and how to get the word out more, and also what sorts of things, can I or can I not post on the public forums. :)  

John Burgan
about 12 hours agoLink

Welcome to The D-Word, Fereshta - you can check out the Member's only Crowdfunding Topic and tell us more there

Doug Block
about 5 hours agoLink

Welcome, Fereshta.  

A brief note to you and to all new members: posting your photo to your member profile is a great way to make quicker inroads into the community.  We like to see who we're interacting with, and we're more likely to help someone we feel we know better.

Edited about 5 hours ago by Doug Block

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