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Introduce Yourself: Sign In Here First

Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

Please note that this is one of our Public Topics, so best to enter email addresses with (at) to prevent them being harvested. Spam will be deleted.

Doug Block
Wed 8 Oct 2014Link

Good to have you here, Jonathan. Btw, no need to sign your name to your posts, it appears automatically above.

John Grabowska
Wed 8 Oct 2014Link

Great doc reel, Jonathan. Gorgeous and harrowing.

Jonathan Saruk
Thu 9 Oct 2014Link

Thanks for the positive feedback John.

Sybil Drew
Sun 12 Oct 2014Link

Hi new D-Word Peeps!

Just wanted to drop a note and introduce myself. My name is Sybil and i'm a filmmaker currently splitting time between Chicago & Brooklyn. I'm so glad to meet all of you!

I work in freelance production (to pay the bills) and right now i'm directing a new doc film called 'Overshare: Crime in the Digital Age'.

I'd love to see what everyone else is working on!

Edited Sun 12 Oct 2014 by Sybil Drew

John Burgan
Mon 13 Oct 2014Link

Welcome to The D-Word, Sybil. In order to prevent your profile from being deleted, we've added your full surname instead of just a capital letter – one of the very few requirements we ask everyone who registers for this community – basically D-Worders like to know who they are dealing with.

Edited Mon 13 Oct 2014 by John Burgan

Simon Sharman
Tue 14 Oct 2014Link

Hi all

I've just plugged into The D-Word – it looks like lively place for connecting, discussing and the rest. Looking forward to digging deeper.....

I'm a producer/director based out of the UK but currently in the latter stages of my indy feature doc 'Cosmic Whistleblowers' which has been shot mainly in the US. I'm happy to share my experience wherever its helpful and hope to see you all here soon.


Doug Block
Tue 14 Oct 2014Link

Hey, Simon, welcome to The D-Word. Definitely look deeper, there's a lot here to be had.

Btw, no need to sign your name at the end of a post. Your name automatically appears at the top.

Timothy Fryett
Tue 14 Oct 2014Link

Hello all, I've been learning quite a bit as a D-Word lurker and now I feel like it's time for me to introduce myself.

I am a nonfiction director/editor based in Philadelphia. I have supported myself (just barely!) for the past couple of years mostly with promotional short documentary work for local nonprofits.

This year I've had the opportunity to dive into more traditional documentary editing on a couple feature projects. One of which, "Quest: The Sound & The Fury" was selected for this year's IFP Doc Labs.

I'm putting together some MFA applications this fall and will probably surface on some other discussion topics with some questions related to that endeavor.

Appreciative of this online community and the folks who are clearly investing a lot of energy into keeping it lively,


Edited Tue 14 Oct 2014 by Timothy Fryett

Timothy Fryett
Tue 14 Oct 2014Link

"BTW, no need to sign your name at the end of a post."

Oops, too late to edit but duly noted...

Doug Block
Tue 14 Oct 2014Link

Nice catch, Tim, even if not quite in time. Good to have you come out of the shadows and into the D-light. Good luck on your Quest.

Simon Sharman
Wed 15 Oct 2014Link

Ha thanks Doug – just seemed polite first time out.

Doug Block
Wed 15 Oct 2014Link

We're polite but not redundant, Simon.

Melissa Ludtke
Wed 15 Oct 2014Link

Hi, I'm Melissa, working in transmedia storytelling on an iBook platform to convey the journey that two teen adoptees made together, returning to their "hometowns" in rural China to find out what it would have been like to grow up as a daughter in 21st century rural China. The Chinese girls who grew up in these towns were their guides. It's called "Touching Home in China: in search of missing girlhoods," and our pilot iBook chapter is a free download on Apple's iBooks Store. Can be downloaded with an iBooks app (free in iTunes) — Meshes video with photo galleries, interactive maps and graphics, document scrolls and narrative text. It's an immersive documentary experience created with digital natives in mind.

Melissa Ludtke
Wed 15 Oct 2014Link

On yes, and here's our website link: Melissa

Kayla Parker
Wed 15 Oct 2014Link

Hello Everyone!

I signed up for the D-Word a while back and have been lurking but I've finally gotten the courage to post. I was introduced to the website by my former professor Danielle Beverly, and it has been so interesting reading everyone's posts!

I am currently finishing up my master's thesis at Marquette University, studying newswork at a midwest NPR station. I am also working at the Milwaukee Film Festival helping with the Education Screenings. We featured two documentaries this year at our middle school and high school screenings ("The Starfish Throwers" and "Point and Shoot") and the impact they had on the students was remarkable!

I have worked as a researcher and engagement specialist on a few documentaries and hope to continue work in those fields. I believe that documentaries can live beyond the screen as instruments of change, either through education, inspiration, or self-reflection.

It is so nice to meet all of you!


Doug Block
Wed 15 Oct 2014Link

Greetings, Kayla. Great to have you come out of lurker mode and posting here. And always nice to have some strong, youthful energy in the mix. Lucky you to have Danielle as a teacher, and lucky us to have you as a member.

Ravindra M.R.S.Naidu
Mon 20 Oct 2014Link

Salutations to all – me from Singapore – a documentary enthusiast, despite being an acdemic for 30 years, I discovered life is more than developing curriculum – as a vibrant traveller in South East Asia my new Canon EOS M was the instrument that propelled me to be a 'documentarist' – what my camera lens see is more than what my eyes see....Cheerio

Doug Block
Mon 20 Oct 2014Link

Cheerio, indeed, Ravindra. Welcome to The D-Word.

Ellen Brodsky
Tue 21 Oct 2014Link

In reply to Melissa Ludtke's post on Wed 15 Oct 2014 : Welcome to D-word Melissa – hope you check out the i-doc topic as well as crowd funding. You and your project have been mentioned in both!

Kevin Longa
3 days agoLink

Hi D-Word folks! I'm Kevin – a filmmaker who loves to explore beyond the plate in front of me. Yep, I'm a food documentary filmmaker.

Currently I'm creating a documentary series about the true stories of food entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe. If you want to ask me a question – whether it be "What's a J-cut?" to "What's a PBJ sandwich?" – I'm all ears and hungry for more.

Jesse Yost
2 days agoLink

Greets all -

First time docu project and my previous experience has been in shorts and 1 zero budget horror flick. We have a great topic with lots of regional interest and lots of material to work with.

Diving in here to sponge up the knowledge before I start flailing away with questions. :)

Susan Just
2 days agoLink


I'm happy to have found this site and am eager to learn and share.

Also, thank you in advance for your wisdom, help & guidance.

Judy Van Wyk
1 day agoLink

I've been a member for a while but this is the first time I've posted. I'm working on a profile of an Indian-American couple and am looking for a royalty free music license for music that's reflects the music of India but also works under narration in spots. Any idea which libraries have the best selection of world music?

Doug Block
about 16 hours agoLink

Greetings, Kevin, Jesse and Susan. Welcome to The D-Word.

And thanks for finally posting, Judy. Don't mean to be picky, especially as we want to encourage you to keep posting, but your question really belongs in The Mentoring Room, where more people will be on the lookout for it. We don't encourage double posting but, in this case, feel free to do that.

Judy Van Wyk
about 14 hours agoLink

Thanks for your pickiness. I'll be glad to double post in this case. To introduce myself more fully, I was a television producer for 10 years and recently finished my first documentary short. I love documentary but will never do another one all by my lonesome. It's just too much work without a partner. I'm looking forward to becoming a part of a community of filmmakers.

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